Breathing Question

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dwc - January 10

HI everyone, I know we all get short of breath from time to time due to our lungs being pressed against because of the baby. But has anyone found a solution to this problem yet, for the last two afternoons I have been really short of breath and almost unable to talk because of it. I am 35 weeks and sit at a desk all day, so I try to stand up to see if that will relieve some of it, but it doesn't seem to help. Any advice??? Sorry if the question has been ask before, but I couldn't find it if it had. Thanks


Heather - January 10

No, I don't have an answer, but I have been going thru the same thing. I am 39 weeks, and I thought it would get better after she dropped, but it hasn't. I feel out of breath and like my heart is pumping 1000 beats a minute!! It is an awful feeling!


Kelly - January 10

Same here - I am only 28 weeks though! I was just walking back to my desk and was thinking I am about to pa__s out! I feel like I have a brick on my chest. My nurse did mention to me that I had a short torso (which I would have never thought cause i am tall) which may be why I am so early with this symptom. Only thing that helps me is sleeping - ha ha!


Lisa D - January 16

I wish I had an answer but I can tell you I have been short of breath almost since conception! My doctor didn't have any real great words of wisdom, just that the growing uterus screws everything up in there. Early on I had a hard time breathing over nothing. Now if I do anything (even small activities or walking one flight of stairs) I get so winded. I don't have an answer; but know you aren't alone!


Melissa - January 16

Me too, I have a hard time to breath. I don't know how some people stil work out. How do you know if your baby has dropped?


feb mum - January 17

You could be lacking in iron, thats what happened to me. Ask dr. for iron studies to be done. In the mean time eat iron enriched foods, I eat bread with iron added and milk with iron added as well as eating your greens.


Katie - January 17

I only used an albuterol inhaler before my pregnancy on rare occasions, maybe 1-2x month. Since I've been pregnant I use it once a day on a consistant base, sometimes 3-4x depending on what Im doing. Doc says it's ok to use it and it works. It has helped me TONS w/my breathing and shortness of breath.



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