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sam - September 10

im 34 weeks preg and im having trouble breathing sometimes, ive heard this can happen but why and its frightening


pbj - September 10

You're having trouble breathing because your baby is getting larger and he/she is pressing against your diaphram and crowding your lungs. It will get better in a few weeks when your baby drops, but then he/she will be laying on your bladder again. Sit up straight, it will help. Just make sure it's not extreme, ie. your lips turn blue or you have chest pain...then you would want to call your doctor.


sam - September 10

thanku, it feels really horrible. as for my bladder im on the toilet every 30 mins as it is so hope it doesnt get worse.


naomi - September 10

Hi Sam, I am the same, I seem to have the most troubble after a meal or a shower. I find that a short rest helps and not eatting too much at each meal.


Ranya - September 11

I have trouble breathing as well and it's not because of shallow breathing (ie compressed lungs), I feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen. Just took a blood test and found out I was anemic, which is one of the causes (hemoglobin delivers oxygen to your cells). The other reason is when our growing uterus presses on our vena cava, we don't get enough blood supply (you don't have to be flat on your back for this to happen). Lying on your left side helps promote good circulation. Good luck, I hate the feeling as well, it makes me feel like I'm going to pa__s out!


sam - September 11

ranya, thats helpful thanx. ill mention it to midwife as ive been anaemic in the past. ive found that laying on my back makes it worse. it feels like someone heavy is sitting on my chest!!!


Sonya - September 11

I get this quite often, even when sitting up and walking around. I even almost pa__sed out at my last Dr. appt, when my Dr. was measuring my belly and listening to the heartbeat. I am concerned how I will survive a c-section without pa__sing out????



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