Breech At 20 Weeks

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Faye84 - February 21

I had my ultrasound last week and was just told today that the baby was breech. With my daughter she was already head-down at 20 weeks. Is it common for the baby to be breech at this stage? I find it odd that they would tell me something like that if it's not a big deal. Anyone else have a baby that was breech at their 20 week ultrasound and still have the baby flip before birth?


CgGirl - February 21

Hi Faye: yes it's normal and the baby can change position until quite late. When it is not your first baby, your uterus is not as firm as the first time around, so the baby is likely to have more different positions. My sister had 3 kids, and at her 3rd, it was a breech until quite late (around 32-34 weeks) but her l/o still turned in time!


Faye84 - February 21

oh okay! I guess i never thought of that, my daughter is only 10 months old and Im 21 weeks now.... so I had them quit close. I just thought it was odd that the doc would even really mention it if they still have time to move.


Rainbowbrite - February 21

YES! It is normal! i had the same thing happen to me! This is my first baby and she was breech up until my 32 week appt and then that was when she was head down... so you still have plenty of time!!!!


sarah21 - February 21

My baby flipped all over the place until 28 weeks. Totally fine.


kirstie040 - February 22

hi i think its weird that they mentioned it to you that your baby is breach at such a early stage. my midwife or any one for that matter didnt tell me the possision of my baby until my last midwife appointment my midwife told me that he is head down and i was 32 weeks pregnant then. but babies can apparently turn around right at the last moment so i dont think you have got anything to worry about, iv got a friend who's baby is breach and she is 31 weeks and her midwife told her that there is nothing to worry about because the baby has plenty of time to turn around yet so dont worry xx



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