Breech At 32 Weeks

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miranda - July 20

I had an ultrasound today and found that the baby is head up, though not straight up. I didn't think much of it until I got home and read up on it a little more, apparently most babies are already head down at this point! Anybody have similiar experience and had a good outcome? Anything I can do to convince this little one to turn around?


Eryn - July 20

I am in the same boat. I am 32 weeks and my baby isan't in position yet. I think there is still plently of time though so I am trying not to stress about it. Good Luck


m - July 20

at 32 weeks my baby was breech as well, but she turned around. at 36 weeks i was told by my dr. that she was breech again. he informed me to get an ultrasound the next day. well, later that night, she was moving sooooo much. it looked like she was wrestling. my husband thought that she was moving and i doubted it. the next morning we found out by ultrasound that she had indeed moved and now she is head down. i'm 37 1/2 weeks and so far so good. i wouldn't worry about your baby being breech at 32 weeks. 36 weeks and after is when they should really be in position. good luck!


nikki - July 21

Hi, I am 36.5 weeks pregnant and I just found out that my originally head down little boy decided to flip into a transversal position. I am praying that he will move! I am terrified of getting a c-section!


Tanya - July 21

See what happens! My baby was breech up until about week 35 or 36 and then he flipped! As for being terrified of the c-section, my docotor talked to me about it because of him being breech until recently and she made it sound like they really werent that bad anymore that you were only in the hospital one day longer and that some women recoup from c-section faster than natural!


miranda - July 21

That's not what I've been told. C-sections take a lot longer to recover from - it's major surgery! I would rather deliver breech than have a C-section but doctor's just don't know how to do it! But the good news I found in researching this is that 11-15% of babies are still breech at 32 weeks, but at term that percentage goes down to 2-3%. So most of the time babies turn around and disaster is averted. Hope all goes okay with all of you!


40+ weeks - July 22

i discovered my baby was breech at 36 wks. i had been feeling different and very uncomfortable and had sensed a change. anyway, the doctor said i had a 25% chance of it turning. that night i did the two exercises they recommend to make the baby turn, one is getting down on yr elbows and knees with your head lower than yr bum. the other is lying on your back with cushions to prop you up and yr legs on the wall. i tried these a few times and that night the baby turned and it's still head first. (although now it doesn't want to come out!) good luck! you still have plenty of time for the baby to turn anywy.


nikki - July 25

hi! My baby that was in the transverse position turned at 36 weeks! Now he is head down and ready to come out! I'm am thrilled! Those excercises(on your hands and knees do work!)


Maleficent - July 25

my second baby was breech until 38 weeks. she turned on her own and we had an awesome delivery. this little baby started out head down but flipped to breech last week and has been doing summer saults ever since. hopefully she'll get it right, 7 weeks to go.


Jenn - July 25

I wouldn't worry much about it, the baby can still move around and sometimes your doctor will be able to help turn him/her around. Usually at 36 to 37 weeks is when they figure that the baby probably isn't going to turn in the right direction.



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