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erin - January 4

I am 28 weeks and my baby is currently breech. I know he still has a few weeks to turn, but I was just wondering how many of you ladies have been in this situation? How many babies turned and how many didn't?


anita - January 4

great question!! i was wondering this too. i'm 29wks and my doctor hasn't even checked to see if my baby's turned or not. anyone?


Keri - January 4

Well, I'm in your situation at 36 weeks. At 30 weeks my Dr. did an ultrasound because I was measuring small and realized it was because the baby was breech and I was carrying low. I just went in today for an appointment and I'm having another ultrasound in two weeks to check her position. I was told that the Dr. could try turning her or I could have a c-section. The Dr. wants to give the baby some time to turn on her own though. From what I've read most babies will turn by 32-34 weeks. There are also things you can do to help the baby turn from swimming, laying down with your hips elevated about 12 inches for 20 minutes 3x/day, chinese accupuncture, holding a flashlight down low ( the baby gets curious and turns) to playing music down low. I wouldn't worry just yet though.


to Keri - January 5

Did you try any of that stuff you mentioned helps previous to 34 weeks, Keri?


sheila - January 5

during my 28wk i had my 3d ultrasound. They couldn't take great pictures of the baby because she was in breech position, but when i had my appt on week 30, the baby has turned on it's own. I was worried she wouldn't turn, luckily she cooperated and MD won't have to do it manually. Best of luck to you.


mel - January 5

wow. funny you should ask that. I'm 28 weeks. last Monday I had a little scare with some blood clots and stuff, so I went to the hospitol and they looked at the baby and everything was fine. my husband and I had just gotten a little too rambuncious (blush) anyway they did an ultrasound and the baby was breech. kind of worried me, of course. well then this Monday I went for my regular 28 week visit and baby was head down and ready to go. doc said s/he would most likely stay that way. so they can do it pretty quick. :-)


tonya - January 5

Don't worry about it at 28 weeks, most babies will turn around (and around) for a few more weeks. My baby was sideways at 34 weeks--hoping he will turn head down in the next couple of weeks, the doctor will do an u/s--97% of babies are head down by delivery, hope that helps!


kk - January 5

Anita - I am with you. I am 27.5 weeks and my doctor hasn't checked either?? I was wondering when he might do that. Sometimes I swear she is the wrong way cause a LOT of my kicks are really her feet are there or something. I have an appointment next week, so maybe he'll check then. Good luck all!


Amber - January 5

My baby got into head down post_tion at 30 weeks, hes still there! Some babies dont get there until a few days before delivery, but before 30 weeks, he was all over the place, doing flips. I guess he just decided that he was too big to be rock and rolling..


anita - January 5

kk-i don't know when then usually check, but i'm gonna ask my dr. at my next appt. sometimes i feel like he doesn't tell me anything unless i ask. i found out that at 28 wks, 25% of babies are still in the breech position, by 20wks it's 17%, by 34wks 5% and by 37wks even if they haven't turned yet, we still have time. maybe that's why our dr.'s haven't checked yet.


erin - January 5

Thanks for the answers and rea__surance! My midwife told me to try the flashlight thing but at this point, he could still turn back breech even if the flashlight works. So I'm going to keep waiting...


Keri - January 5

So far I've been swimming, and laying with my hips elevated but this little girl is stubborn. I guess she takes after me. I've even tried the flashlight and the music. Now I've been asking around for a Chinese accupuncturist. I would much rather have her flip on her own rather than have the Dr. manually flip her. i believe there's got to be some reason why she hasn't flipped yet. maybe she's just not ready, maybe she's waiting for the last possible chance. The Dr. said she is pet_te so she still has room to move around. My Dr. still doesn't seem overly concerned at this point. Then, the other night at my birth cla__s, the nurse teaching it said her baby was breech until week 38. There's still time.


kk - January 5

Anita - I feel the same way about my doctor!! I love him to death, but I am always nervous like what is I have this or what is something is wrong! I guess I would know really, but I always get nervous. This is weird but I always think what if I have a bacterial infection / yeast infection and dont' know it and its hurting the baby? But I think if I had either I woud know :-) I guess is just the "mother" in my starting to worry before the little one is even here!


Marlene - January 6

I'm 29wks and had a 3D u/s this week and baby is sideways(head on my left his legs on right). they still have plenty of time to move.My doc does an u/s around 33/34 wks to check fluid,baby size,and position. Dont worry if your doc hasnt checked yet we still have plenty of time.


anita - January 6

kk, i'm a worrier too. i like to tell myself it's only b/c i can't tell what's going on in there. i just hope i don't get worse when she gets here! marlene, thanks for the rea__surance.


Kate - January 6

My first baby was breech until 37 weeks and flipped on his own. Oh.. and didn't go breech until 32 weeks (was right side down until then). I definitely wouldn't worry at 28 weeks.. you have plenty of time. I am 34 weeks and so far this baby is right side down! :)



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