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Sasha - December 6

I'm 35 weeks and the baby hasn't turned yet. They said that if the baby hasn't turned by next week they are going to try and schedule to turn the baby manually at the hospiral at 37 weeks. This could cause the baby distress and they said be prepared to have an emergency c-section. Has anyone else experienced this? Does this sound right?


Beth - December 6

I can't really answer your question but I wanted to say that in my childbirth prep cla__ses she taught us some things to try to get the baby to turn on its own...Have you discussed that with your dr or looked online. It was simple things like shining a light or playing music down by your crotch. Also laying slanted with your hips way up in the air. That sounds silly but that is what she said. I think anything is worth a shot. Hopefully someone with more info can help you....lots of luck!


Sasha - December 6

My doctor didn't mention this at all! I had to ask if the baby was breech on my own. I'm not sure if my doctors are the most thorough. It kind of worries me.


JP - December 6

I am now 38 weeks along - my baby was head down for a few weeks but then went transverse a few weeks ago. My midwife sent me to an obstetrician last week (at 37 weeks) who thought it was not an emergency at all and a__sured me that the baby would most likely turn on it's own yet - which it has now done. Several things that I tried (don't know which one actually worked or if any of them did) were swimming, spending lots of time in the tub, laying on floor with my b___t up on cushions (higher than head), lots of hands and knees TV watching and also the flashlight and cla__sical music by my pelvis area - I was desparate to avoid a c-section. Anyway, baby has turned head down and as long as he stays that way, we should be good to go. I would push your doctors to give you more info and try some other things first.


Sasha - December 6

JP: Did the hurt when the baby turned it's self?



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