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KatP - September 26

Hello ladies, I'm extremely anxious, excited and a bit down :( I'm 38 weeks preganant and bubs is breech and it semms he/she won't turn now! Anyone else experiencing this? Or have any of you experienced this befoere? Am I overacting being so upset about it ? I seriosuly need some some cheering up xxoo


emfine99 - September 26

I think I've actually heard some people say of them turning within the last couple of weeks so I wouldn't rule it out completely! I hope the baby turns for you! Just curious, this is my first and I'm wondering, how do they tell if they are breech or not? Do they just feel your stomach or do they do an ultrasound or what?


Anathi - September 26

I also have the same problem which coz me not to know the s_x of my baby. At least I'm still 22weeks fighting for 23 and posed the same ? on the 2nd Trimester board and some 1 suggeset I change positions when excerising like standing on my hands and legs up against the wall try to shake your belly so yr lo wont stick on the side of the womb I hope this would help I'm still trying thid as well the shaking is not to nice its abit ichy but I know its for good good luck


Tory1980 - September 26

KaP, just to let you know and friend og mines sister was told her baby was breech at 19w5d and was scheduled for a section. They checked her at 40w1d and baby ahd truned to ehad down. Granted this was her thrid baby. If it is your first then unfortunaltely it is very unlikely she/he will turn before the birth. Anathi, who told you to do handstands? Dear God all that will get is you fainting or falling and hurting yourself! There is ways to do certain exercises to get a baby to turn but that isn't one of them! LOL! emfine99, you can tell by feeling how the baby is lying as to whether it is breech or not but it is usually confirmed by an u/s. You usually only need to worry about the position in the last few weeks leading up to labour as until then baby will shift regualrly from ceph to breech and back again..


Tory1980 - September 26

And I meant 39weeks!! Sorry!


Krissy25 - September 26

I found out my bsby was breech at 36.5 weeks, my doctor told me b/c the baby was already a good size she didn't think she would turn or could be turned so she schedlued a c-section but my water broke a few days later, she was still breech and they did a c-section and the cord was wrapped around her neck which is why she couldn't turn. Honestly i couldn't have asked for an easier birth. My water broke at 5:30, i had 1 uncomfortable contraction, got my epidural, and she was out at 9:00 on the dot. Recovery is harder but you get more days in the hospital and that is really nice. I was upset too whrn i first found out but it will be fine the safety of your baby is what is most important. Good luck



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