Breech Baby At 29 Weeks

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amma2b - April 11

Hello everyone, i hope you guys are doing ok with all the aches and pains of pregnancy. I am almost 29 weeks now and i had my Dr. appointment this week. While she was looking at heart beat of the baby, she asked me where i felt most of the movements? i said lower abdominal region. she said that the baby is in breech position and also added that theres nothing to worry until after 32-34 weeks. She is a very good and experienced Ob. i know i am in good hands. but this is my first baby and i am freaked out. On top of it i am getting all these weird and scary dreams at night about the baby not being healthy and all :( I guess i am looking for any experiences that anyone of you might have had\having with the similar situation. Thank you.


MollieM - April 11

Hi there! Do not worry! I am now 37 weeks, and my baby is FINALLY head down. he was Breech until about 35 weeks. My Dr. says that when a baby is breech at that point, there is a 50 50 chance of him staying there. I did not even feel when mine flipped, but it happened! You will be fine. I would just go in to everything with an open mind, so you are not disappointed if baby does not change positions, and you may need a c-section. As for your dreams, I think that it is normal, or you and I are both weird! When your baby is inside, you have really got NO control over how it all will play out, so it is natural to be fearful. I would not worry at all, most likely everything is ok! My own mother told me that OB is the least medical profession to take any risks. If your OB thought that there was anything to worry about, she would have told you already! Good luck, and happy baby!


amma2b - April 11

Thanks a ton Mollie, you made my day. I was fine when my Dr. said baby is breech. i smiled and told her that it would turn around anytime soon!! but after coming home, i couldn't resist and i started googling...most of the articles said that breech babies are at more risk to abnormalities(even with C-sec) than the babies born head-down. Thats when i got worried sick. I am fine with C-sec as long as baby is healthy. I am counting on my OB. Thank you and Good Luck to you too. you are almost there :-)


Whitney - April 11

I am in the same position as you! I am 28 weeks & just found out 3 days ago that my baby is full breech too. My Dr. said not to worry to much until I hit 34 weeks because there is still a good chance it could flip. When I was expecting my son (who's now 2 1/2), he was also breech & he flipped at 32 weeks, so I'm not worried yet, no point in worrying about something you can't contol, & you still have plently of time.


ErinP - April 11

My baby flipped at 32 wks too. They usually do, my dr. said not to worry until 35 wks.


DDT - April 11

My baby boy was head down by my 30wk checkup. Prior to that he was breech. I was told not to worry until 32wks.


amma2b - April 12

thanks for the rea__surance ladies. Wish you all a happy pregnancy :-)



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