Breech Baby At 30 Weeks

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joeysmom - November 16

I am just curious if anyone know the odds of the baby turning after this point. He has been in the same position since my 20 weeks ultrasound. It seems like he is getting too big and won't be able to turn soon. Anyone in the same spot?


AntsWife - November 16

my baby was sideways a few weeks ago, I"m 37.6weeks. As of my last visit, Wednesday morning, he is head down. I think it will be alright, but ask your doctor!


Rainbowbrite - November 16

Here is something i read- i am just copying and pasting it for you! ""Most babies are born headfirst, but at the end of pregnancy, around 3% to 4% are found to be breech. Before 37 weeks of pregnancy, breech presentation is much more common - about 20% of babies at 28 weeks are breech, and 15% at 32 weeks. Before term, which is defined as 37 weeks, it doesn't matter if the baby is breech, as there is always a good chance that she will turn spontaneously. Some babies do turn by themselves after this time, but it is much less likely, and some preparations should be made to decide how delivery is going to take place. About 10% to 15% of breech babies are discovered for the first time late in labour!""


tryin44 - November 16

I was breech with my DD up til 36 weeks. She turned by my 38 week App. She was also big and turned fine.


staci - November 16

MIne was breech at 35 weeks and was weighing in already at 6lbs13oz and turned by my next appt 4 days later. Hopefully yours does the same which he prob. will, good luck!


linds99 - November 16

My little brother turned around in my mom's stomach the day she went into labor and her water 38 weeks. He was gonna be breach, breach, breach, and she talked him out of it, literally. She was pleading with him to turn around and he did! Funny story, but it's true. I guess these babies are so flexible in-utero they can do anything they is just unpredictable.


lil-miss-saunders - November 16

i was told my babys head was head down from 37 weeks but at my last appointment when i was 39 weeks 3 days i was told my baby had moved to feet 1st. i see my midwife again on monday and im really hoping she can tell me some good news. Good luck xx


joeysmom - November 18

thanks everyone! I kind of thought that he was getting to big to turn at this point but your answers give me some hope. yay!! I really don't want to have a c-section so I will just pray that he turns!!!


BriannasMummy - November 18

No worries your baby has plenty of chance to move. With my last pregnancy my dd was head down at 28 weeks, and then decided she didnt like the positioning at 36 weeks. For the next 3 weeks she went from transverse to breech to head down. there was nothing they could do to keep her in one spot. At 38w6d she went head down.. and then at 39w1d she went transverse again.. I had a c section, because there was just no way to keep her there. Honestly your baby has plenty of room to move in there.. youd be surprised. ~Kristin~



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