Breech Baby Means Any Problem Plz Help

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babymad - May 16

hi.. Iam 31 weeks pregnant.. At last week, during my 30 week scan, the doctor said my baby was in breech position..She also said that if it didnt turns in 34 weeks, the possibility of flipping is minimal and we shd go for a C-section..When i browsed about breech babies in internet, many sites said that the babies with some abnormalities tend to be in breech position..Is this true..Breech babies have problems??Iam so confused..plz help me..


HeatherIsHopeful - May 16

wow, your doc is freaking you out for no reason! sometimes babies dont flip till 35 weeks or so. I had an appoinment two weeks ago when I was 34 weeks and my baby was still breech. I have an appointment tomorrow (i'll be 36 weeks on saturday) and she said If the baby is still breech they will schedule me for an ECV (a procedure where they try to flip the baby) they ususally dont do it before 36 weeks becasue the baby can still turn back around. dont be to worried, you still have several weeks till you need to start being concerned about it and I personally dont think your doc should just just to a c- section ask her/him about the ECV. some babies just prefer to be head up... dont let the internet freak you out. good luck hon, and wish me luck too lol...


FrancesM - May 16

Babymad, I am no pro but I have never heard that a breech baby has abnormalities!! I have a friend who's baby was breech and she is just fine!! Hang in there. I hope the baby flips on his/her own...


michelly4 - May 16

I had an amnio done at 15wks. ( cuz I am 35 ) and my baby is perfectly healthy and she is still breech. I am now 34 weeks she is still very breech. Her head is right up in my ribs ! Dr. said at 38 weeks they will try to turn her but I still have time for her to turn on her own. And Heather is right some babies don't turn until right before delivery. So don't stress. The nurse in Labor and Delivery said they had one lady in labor with a breech and they scheduled her c-section and when they got her back to do it the baby had turned so she was able to deliver v____ally.


cors1wfe - May 16

You are still pretty early - I say you have nothing to worry about - my daughter was breech at my 28 week ultrasound and she has no abnormalites....she has since turned head down - there are some exercises you can do between now and 34 weeks which may help you turn the baby - it's worth a shot but as far as something being wrong with your baby I am not sure that is entirely true - I myself was a breech baby and there is nothing wrong with me -well at least not physically...LOL


RJS MOM - May 18

My son was in the breech postion my whole pregnancy and he is 100% healthy. I had him via c-section. Try not to worry. Everything should be fine :0)


babymad - May 19

thanks girls..for ur wonderful replies..Iam 100% confident that my baby will be a healthy baby and my doctor also said that the baby has no anomalies based on the scan..but internet freaked me i have time and see whether my baby is flipping or not.. I have my another scan at 34 weeks..anxiously waiting for it..


sashasmama - May 19

The ultrasound tech that did my scan told me that she's seen babies turn all the way up to delivery day (she's had 20 years experience). I'm 32 weeks and my little guy constantly flips back and forth. It's pretty painful.


lsarn - May 20

Hi Babymad, I'm a L&D nurse, and your situation is very common. If the baby doesn't flip over before 38-39 wks, the docs will try a Version-which is trying to flip the baby. If not successful-a c-section could be in your future,or the baby will decide to "flip" when It's ready. They'll keep on giving you u/s till your due date date gets closer. I've seen Baby's flip the day of scheduled c-sections! Anything can happen! Don't stress about it-completely normal-Hope this helps:))) Good Luck!


ejmeskan - May 20

You have a ton of advice here but my sister's little one was breech and the night before she was schedule for the version (38 weeks) her babe got into head down position! Good luck!


Cat24 - May 21

i think your doctor has spoken too early as you still have plenty of time for your baby to move. every mother worries about her baby being healthy when he/she is born. im sure your little one will be fine. also i have to say that i think there is a lot of unmeritted negativity about breech babies, people talk about it like its a 'bad' thing. my cousin's baby didnt move from being breech at 30 weeks but she went on to have an uncomplicated c-section and a very healthy gorgeous little boy. all other breech babies i have known have all been healthy too! i know the ideal way is to have the baby head down and do it all naturally but at the end of the day ive also heard that breech babies are in that position for a reason and often causes them unwanted distress when you have doctors trying to force them into a position they arent comfortable with. nowadays doctors (in the UK anyway) have recognised what distress that causes and therefore allow the baby to remain in the position he/she is comfortable with. i hope your baby turns as you have a good few weeks, but remember not to listen to all the negativity of breech babies. all babies are precious whatever way they might need to be born into the world!


ejmeskan - May 21

Babymad- it is ok to feel a little "negative" about your breech baby...I would too!!! It is inevitable! I would much rather have a v____al child birth than c-section so I think i would be freaking out too! So since this is a place for you to vent FREE OF JUDGEMENT! Vent will all be just fine either way...but you obviously know that!!! Hang in there!


Cat24 - May 22

at 31 weeks your midwife/doctor shouldnt be making you feel like you need to freak out about it. you have another 9 weeks and baby has plenty of time to move. don't let anything make you feel bad about it or worried. im sure at your next check up, your little one would have moved for you. either way everything will be fine. do not worry!



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