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Hockeymom29 - March 21

Hi everyone! I am just 34 weeks pregnant now and the baby is still in a breech position. My problem is that I will be having my baby in 2-3 weeks because I am insulin dependent. So I don't have the full 6 weeks left to allow it to turn. I am just wondering two things... 1) Has anyone had their baby turn betweeen 34-36 weeks before? 2) Are there any "tricks" I can do to help it turn? I have done a few things these last two weeks... elevating my hips, tried a cold pack on the top of my stomach and stretches. I have also asked my doctor about him trying to turn it before delivery. I have always known a c section is possible and even if the baby does turn, I still may need one, but if there is something I can do or there is hope the baby will turn on its own, it'll at least give me the chance to try for a va___al delivery. Thanks!


CodyKatie5 - March 21

Sometimes babies are breech just because, or sometimes they're breech because there's a reason. Is this your first? Both of my babies were breech and I had c-sections for both. During both of my c-sections, the doctors (I had different OBs for my deliveries) said that my uterus is SLIGHTLY heart shaped. It doesn't really affect my pregnancies other than my kids are just more comfy in a breech position as opposed to head down. Funny thing is my LO who is 4 weeks old was opposite of your situation...head down at 34 weeks, but decided she didn't like that and went back to breech at 35 weeks and remained there until I delivered at 38 weeks, so it is possible that your baby could still turn.


JackienLucy0509 - March 21

I go to a high risk prenatal center, I'm almost 34 weeks myself. =) They suggested that while in the shower, I get down on my hands and knees and let the warm water hit the small of my back, and top of my bum for about 2 minutes a day, for a week, and sure enough it worked! My baby girl is now in the vertex position... and I'm hoping she won't be flipping around any time soon. =) No hurt in trying it! Best of luck!


jessica72 - March 22

I have a friend who's baby turned at like 38 or 39 weeks. They were going to try an external version, but the baby decided it was going to be in control of the situation. :) So YES!! babies can turn up to the last minute.


Hockeymom29 - March 22

Thanks for the help! I will certainly try the shower thing this week! We get weekly sonos now as part of the bio physical profiles, so it'll be interesting to see if and when it works. I'm willing to try anything, if nothing works, then it'll be a csection but at least I can say I tried!



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