Breech Baby Please Respond

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Baliezer - October 14

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and just found out through and ultrasound that the baby is still in the head up position. I really don't want a C-Section. Anyone else had this happen or going through this? Anyone deliver a breech baby va___ally or had the baby turn?


beka81 - October 14

Well I am currently going through the same situation. I will be 38 weeks on Friday and as of yet my baby had yet to turn (I also found out she was breech at 32 weeks). The doctors can perform to do a procedure called an external version which i chose not to do since so many women i have spoken to had an unsuccessful one done. I am praying that the baby turns on her own but if not c-section it is. If i have learned anything, it's that you can not "choose" your delivery method. There are so many factors and "issues" that can arise so justget used to the fact that you MIGHT have to have one done. I am petrified as well but somehow all these weeks have given me time to adjust to the idea. As long as our babies are healthy, we will be ok....Good luck, I will pray for yoU!


Baliezer - October 14

beka81 I read that they can still deliver breech babies v____ally. Why would you have to have a C-Section?


homeworkwithheather - October 14

I had the same problem at 33 weeks with my guy...there are a number of exercises that I did while on an empty stomach that helped him turn. Your midwife should be able to give you some literature on them. You still have plenty of time for him to turn, My guy did it while I was sleeping...I didn't even know until he started getting hiccups and they were no longer between my ribcage. Call your midwife/OB and they should be able to give you a few exercises to at least get you started at home... good luck...oh...another thing I was told to do was put a bag of frozen peas on the top of my belly by his head and a flashlight at the bottom of my stomach...I was told they don't like the cold and will go towards the warm light...he turned before I tried it...but why not? I would still ask the doc before you do anything though.


daisyusa - October 23

I am breech and I'm 35 weeks. I go see my midwife next Friday and if baby is still breech then I will have a scan done. Sometimes there are reasons a baby won't turn and some of them are too risky for a version or v____al delivery. At this point, my baby is pushing so hard on my abs that they are very tender and painful. It hurts to walk, bend over, cough, sneeze and sleep. So it would be extrememly painful for me to have the baby turned. I won't risk a v____al delivery for fear of the baby getting stuck and them having to use the tongs. I lost a baby not long ago and I won't risk anything with this baby. Plus you would really want a doctor who knew how to do a breech delivery. I still have time for my baby to turn and if she doesn't then it will be a c sec. I know there are risks involved there but more so for me than baby. Every hospital is different as well as each country. I don't want a c sect but if that is what is best then I'll take it. We can't push our opinions on turning babies or v____al births without know the full complications of it or that perhaps that mom is just happy to have that date set.


lee ann - October 28

your baby still has a chance to daughter was breech way up to 38 weeks 4 days. she turned by herself with no help at all.....good luck to you all



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