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shari - November 2

Hi everyone.. I am currently 37 weeks, going on 38 and at my last exam my DR thought the baby felt breech. She scheduled an ultrasound and in the meantime I went to the pool to try a couple of "tricks" that I had read about to get the baby to turn. At my ultrasound, lo and behold, he HAD turned head down--then a few days later..(at my next DR appt.) he was breech again--so I'm scheduled for YET ANOTHER ultrasound and possibly a version. (but I don't WANT a version, I had one with my first son, and I'd rather not do it again) . I COULD go back to the pool and try coaxing him to turn again, but I'm wondering why he keeps going breech and how do I get him to STAY head down. Just wondering if any of you have had this experience and what you did about it. I could use some advice!!


Jen - November 2

Ok- I went to my last appointment and the doctor said that the baby was head down and would not turn before birth. 2 days later I swear he turned breech- I feel a stretching from the left to the right side of my belly, but then I will feel pressure very low in my pelvic area. I can not imagine what kind of head-down position the baby could possible be in to be feeling all of these sensations at the same time. What does your baby feel like when it is breech?


Carolyn - November 2

I'm 38 weeks pregnant with my first and he's been breeched for two months or more. My ob-gyn suggested an ECV two weeks ago, but I chickened out at the last minute and declined it. The ob-gyn then pencilled me in for a c-section and said that if they baby turned on its own accord before, the c-section would be cancelled. Maybe you can ask your ob-gyn if you can wait until you start having contractions or as long as possible before committing yourself. You can refuse an ECV and keep trying to turn the baby on your own. However, your baby sounds like he's got more room and is comfortable in the breech position (like mine) and is reluctant to budge. I haven't been successful turning the baby so I continue to feel his kicks in my lower abdomen/groin area instead. You can try turning him again, but I'm not sure it's possible to keep him head down. Good luck.


Christy - November 2

A nurse told me that breech babies love their breech position and will be reluctant to stay head down. I was watching A Baby Story the other day and this one woman tried accupuncture to turn her baby around. (Her husband is an MD who is being trained in accupuncure.) I guess it worked for her. Not sure if that a route you want to or can try, but I can't imagine it will hurt anything.


YC - November 2

Hi Shari- I also have a friend who used acupuncture at about 39 weeks and the baby turned. I am not sure how this all works but just thought I would share.


shari - November 2

Hi answer to your question to what the breech position feels like, like Carolyn, I get little jabs and kicks down near my groin..rather than up where his feet would be if he were head down. Also...when he turned head down, I felt a little bit of relief on my bladder. When he is bottom down there seems to be much more pressure on the bladder and I feel like I have to go more. I'm ok with a c-section if that is the way it has to go...I guess I will find out where he is exactly on friday and make a decision from there. Haven't thought about accupunture...but I sure appreciate all the good advice.



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