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Nita_ - August 21

Hi, I used to be a regular on this site with my 1st baby, but with this one, I just don't seem to have the time! Anyways, I always got great help/replies, so thought of checking in with you about breech baby! Im 35wks pregnant and last week when I went in for my u/s, the tech said the baby was breech. It was a shock to us, as the last two appts, the dr's said the baby was head down -they said this by doing external palpitations/checks. So on week, 31 and 33, the baby was head down and at week 34, decided to turn head up! Has anyone has this issue? The dr's didn't call me back after the u/s, so needless to say, I was researching the net to find out how to turn the baby etc...I tried the walking on hands and toes exercise and boy, it made me real dizzy, so quit that after one try. Today when I went in, I asked the dr about the breech and he said, based on what he can feel and where the baby's heartbeat was, the baby was head down. I don't know anymore! I can feel a really hard lump right near my belly button and I used to think it was the baby's bum, but after the u/s I'm not sure anymore. The dr also said that around 37 weeks, they can try to 'turn' the baby or I could opt for c-section. I really don't want to go in for c-section as I've heard/read about the painful recovery afterwards. With my 1st, I had a tear and recovering from that itself was horrible! Please respond if you had a breech baby who turned or what did you do to turn or any words of encouragement. I don't want to stress out too much, but just can't seem to help it!


britt_m - August 21

Well I had issues at 28 weeks and had an ultrasound at 29-30 weeks. He was breech then. I came home that night and did a little hands and knees time, my toddler found this hilarious and had a blast, then I also did the b___t raise thing. The b___t raise thing is like where you put pillows under your b___t while laying on your back so your hips are raised. I guess both ideas are to unlodge the baby's bottom and encourage them to turn. By that evening I put my little girl to bed and took a nice long bath. I felt he was in a transverse lay across my stomach. I ma__saged his head down and his b___t up, not forcing him to move tho. After my bath I finished dishes and put laundry in the dryer and layed down to read. I felt him waking up again in there so I kinda felt how he was positioned and honestly couldn't find his head! At my next appt the midwife said shes positive he's head down. So maybe one or all of them worked and so far he hasn't turned back. Knock on wood, as I'm only 31 weeks, haha! Good luck and I hope your lo turns, I'm pretty nervous about a c section as well.


Saird - August 21

My midwives had me read a bunch on optimal fetal positioning. I suggest you google it. It's all hands and knees (on all fours) and always sit tilted forward in your chair,etc. Apparently going swimming and doing the front crawl or such can help alot as well. Good luck!


jeni23 - August 21

Last year my son was head down till 34 weeks also,I oppted to try and turn him at 37.5weeks,but low and behold he flipped on the way there and they confirmed it when we got there,so they can still turn,he was born 5 days after he flipped on his own.Good luck hope it works out for you.


Krissy25 - August 21

That was my story exactly! Well almost. So i got an u/s at 25 weeks to check on a few things that were missed at the regular one. Baby was head down, at like 28 weeks i started to feel a hard lump close to my ribs, "how cute i can feel her b___t" is what i was saying. Every doctor visit my doctor would feel my stomach and do the doplar and based on that she believed my baby was head down and that hard lump was the b___t. The only thing was she though that she may have been a little transverse and when she asked me where i felt my kick i said down low, but i figured babies are folded and stuff so i was thinking her feet were by her head. She ordered an U/S at 37 weeks to make sure. I figured it would all be ok so we were all shocked, even the doctor, that the baby was breech. We were also a little surprised to find out that she was an estimated 8 lbs already. Doc said a version was not a good idea with her size, so she scheduled a c-section a few weeks later, but my dd decided that was too long and she came just a few days later. I was really dissapointed that i wasn't going to get the birth i had thought i was, but it went really smoothly and overall my recovery was smooth. Yeah there is some pain but i'd say about 2 weeks afterwards i was moving around pretty well and 6 weeks later i was pretty much back to normal.


Nita_ - August 30

thanks ladies for your responses. Well, I went in today (36 weeks) and the dr said the baby is still breech...last week, I had seen another dr in the same facility and he said the baby was head down...i dont know if last weeks' dr didn't know it, or maybe the baby has been doing somersaults! Anycase, today I got a sheet of paper with the couple of exercises, b___t high with pillows and resting on all fours with head down on the floor. When I first did the head down one, I got dizzy (and good thing I was head down, else would have fallen down!). But the baby didn't seem to budge anywhere...then I tried lieing on my back with pillows below my b___t and tried to gentle nudge the baby's head seemed to have turned sideways but then after I took the pillows out and woek up, it turned right around. That little bugger!!! Anycase, tried it again in the evening and this time I nudged the baby some more after it became sideways (this time it took less pressure it seems to move it!). And eventually after some painful moves, the baby seemed to have turned. But being friday evening/night, when I called the dr office to check if they can see if the baby actually turned, the same dr as last week was on call and he said, we can't do anything about it now...we'll just check u next week (on wed when I go in). Also, at my appt today, the dr talked about the external version, but also pointed out that there are risks involved so may end up with emergency delivery if required during the procedure. I'm sooo nervous about this all, I just wish the baby was head down! My husband seems not be so nervous, he seems calm. Also, once the baby is turned, how do I make sure it stays that way and not turn back! thanks in advance ladies!


alirenee86 - September 18

Hi Nita, I am right there with you...I had my first last November and was on here a lot, got pregnant again right away and find it hard to have the time! At any rate, I had almost the SAME experience. I am due now Sept. 30th and a few weeks ago the baby was head down. Then about 2-3 weeks ago he was breech and they suggested scheduling a c-section. The doctor said the angle he was at and at this stage, it might be difficult for him to turn. I was totally surprised , upset a bit, then schedule d the c-secion and got used to that whole idea and told my family. The following week, he did turn and was in position! I've had about2-3 u/s visits since then and as of my appt yesterday, he is still head down. I think you are still early enough where the baby can turn absolutely, but just prepare for the possiblilty that it may be a c-secion in case. I also had a tear with my first and that was very painful but I'm glad I had a natural birth. I got used to the c-section idea, then had to cancel it and as my doctor said, I'm happy that everything is healthy and the way he's supposed to be! It's hard to think about the labor again and not know when it's going to happen, but he did what he's supposed to do and yours still has some time to turn!! Relax, and whether he /she winds up turning or not, go with what you have to do- it'll be fine!



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