Breeched Baby

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Wanda - November 11

Hi Ladies- Just wondering if anyone can relate. Im 32 wks and just found out that my baby boy is breeched. Literally he is sitting on my bladder. They say he still has time to turn, but to be honest he's very lazy and I dont think he'll flip. I sit all day at work and dont really walk around much (because of the way he's positioned I have a lot of pressure down below) Is there anything I can do to help him flip. Im due Jan 3rd and I feel like the Good Year Blip!!!! Im soooooo swollen- especially my hands and face...anybody else feel this great!..:)


Julie - November 11

Hi Wanda, I just turned 37 weeks with a very stubborn breech little boy. He really has taken up residence up there. I've gone swimming (handstands and somersaults), laid upside down on an ironing board propped on the sofa, crawled around my apt.....he stays put. I am going to have my doc try the ECV - version at the beginning of my 39th week. Everything has to be very planned b/c my hubby is preparing for deployment. If the version if successful we'll induce the same day, if unsuccessful we'll do a c-section. We didn't find out he was breech until 35 weeks. Believe me I envy you!! Because your guy does have time to turn himself. I've also been drinking a ton of water everyday, in the hopes of giving him 'turning room'. Let me know if you hear of any more techniques to try! Thanks!! and good luck!


Sam - November 12

Hi Julie and Wanda! I never personally had this problem... not yet any way, but this is what I was told to try and help the little one to flip! I hope this helps and Good Luck to you both! Lie on your back with your knees flexed and place four plump pillows or cushions under your b___tocks so that your pelvis is higher that your stomach. Remain in that position a minimum of 10 minutes twice a day. Because your pelvis is higher than your stomach it will allow the baby's head to float, which will encourage him/her to turn so that his/her head moves up into the pelvis! Good Luck!


Wanda - November 18

Thanks girls!!- I'll try just about anything for my lil man to flip. So far nothing yet.


To Sam - November 18

Hi. I thought we weren't supposed to be on our backs that long? I've heard that as well, but wondered how to do it without causing harm to baby. I've heard also that going down on all fours and pushing your chest towards the ground and holding it there for 30 seconds, done a few times in a row each day, also helps. I'm in the same boat, by the way. I'm almost 34 weeks, and I really want the baby to turn!


Sam - November 18

During pregnancy you should feel free to sleep in whatever position is comfortable. You may have heard that during labor it is important for a woman to stay off her back. This is because of the potential for compromise to the uterine-placental blood flow. The heavy uterus lies against the maternal vena cava and can also cause light-headedness in the mother. But during the pregnancy, your baby can generally accommodate to this very nicely unless he or she is severely compromised. Rest easy


Trlewis24 - April 18

I am 35 weeks pregnant, and my baby girl still hasn't turned head down yet? I am having a repeat c-section but I thought maybe I would try VBAC but can't .


excited2bemama - April 18

every time I go to my chiropracter she mentions that if the baby hasn't turned to let her know.... I don't know if there is some maniplulation technique that they can do to try to make the baby turn... my baby has been head down for weeks now so I hadn't needed to research it... just thought I would pa__s along the info- Maybe you can google it... Good luck ladies.


wailing - April 18

There are certain techniques the Dr. will do when u are closer to ur due date. ALOT of babies I've heard of flip at the last minute so they like to wait and give them a chance:)



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