Bringing Baby Home Outfit

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glendy - August 22

hi, i'm due in a few weeks and have been kinda looking for the perfect outfit to bring my little boy in, but i have no idea. I want something simple, but kind of special at the same time. any ideas? stores or styles...any suggestion would help. I am driving my honey nuts with the hunt for the perfect


Jamie - August 22

We too went nuts over the "perfect" homecoming outfit for our daughter, finally selecting a white onsie with a pink over-dress...put her in it, and wham! She spit up all over herself. Not to worry, we had a back-up, a cute little pant set - put that on her, and oops, diaper blew she ended up going home in a plain white t-shirt and a blanket from the hospital. Anyway - doesn't really help you out any with finding an outfit, but I would definately recommend having several backups. :D


b20 - August 22

I hope u got babies r us in ur place..i bought my baby boy's dressess from there, u can find every baby item u as a special out fit i bought few dressess from ANNE GEDDES online..


Jennifer - August 22

b20- do you mean like gowns? just wondering.


b20 - August 22

To Jennifer...i bought Bunny Suit Hat and Booties Set, Bunny Jacket,receiving blankets,tip toes italian hand made shoes,ladybird pouch.. newborn bunny toy, blue shirt with blue pant, socks and all..Teddy Bears Picnic for nursery..i wish u check this sight it has beautiful got to go now..take care


S - August 22

I think getting them all dressed up to take them home is kinda silly!!! There already going to be uncomfortable.....u don't want to make them even more uncomfortable....I have a little pink onesie picked out with some little pink crib shoes. They are sooooo cute!! I have a bib picked out too! I just don't want her to be uncomfortable.


Amanda - August 22

I am letting my 4 year old son pick out her coming home outfit.


Beth - August 22

I LOVE frogs and when I found out I was pg my 9 year old step daughter bought me this frog onsie, it is adorable, but it is NB, I told her if the baby can fit into it she will wear it home :0), and then someone bought me little frog slipper/socks for nb so it works out perfect!! :0)


Lori - August 22

I've heard that a onsie and a blanket is all they need to come home in. My question is what do you dress them in for their first baby pic at the hospital?


Tammy - August 22

My son was born on Oct 29th, and I put him in a Halloween costume. This baby is due on Oct 28th so you never know....Don't forget, usually you only see them from the chest up so don'r go crazy.


Irina - August 22

To Tammy Tammy, my baby is due on Oct 31st . So where did you get Halloween costume for baby?


hb m - August 22

Yeah, like S said, bring your baby home in something comfortable. the comfort of your baby is so important. Dress the baby for the weather, and just choose something soft, simple, and cute. I found a cute outfit at Baby Depot (burlington coat factory's baby outlet). It's not dressy but it's so cute. It's a onsie that has a matching cotton jacket, and matching pants and it's very soft. Good luck finding something! There's so much out there, too!


Tammy - August 22

To Irina- I got a pumpkin costume at a local party store called Party City. I think Babies R Us also has some. I am going there tomorrow so I will look and let you know. My daughter was actually born on Halloween and we had some awesome birthday parties for her. I'll post tomorrow.


glendy - August 23

thanks for all the suggestions..we are going to babies r us this weekend to finish getting the little things we need and i'll check there. hopefully i'll find something:) about the halloween costume, i know target brought some cute ones. Like little creepers with little bibs and hats. they had a little pumpkin one that said "mommies little pumpkin", and a ghost that said "my first boo), and i think they also just had another one that was kind of generic, nothing specific. they were really cute..i'm waiting to see how big joey is so i can get him one too...sooo cute:)


miranda - August 23

Something from our experience - I had a 8 lb, 2 oz girl and my sisters got some really cute 0-3 month outfits for us to chose from to bring her home in. When we left the hospital, she had dropped down to 7 lb, 10 oz and the outfits were huge! They didn't stay huge for long but when my sister had her baby boy I went out and got her a premie outfit just to take him home in. It fit much better.



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