Bringing Home Baby

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Nesha - June 17

Well now i'm okie with my baby coming when he wants to come, its starting to come to mine that im going to have him in my arms soon and after i leave the hospital its only me my baby and my boyfriend. no nurses or doctors. When you bring home the baby is it as bad as i think, or is it me. I think im more scared because im a teen mother.


miraclebaby - June 17

listen, the mother intuition will kick in and you will know what to do, I am sure it will be fine, its ok to be a little nervous, I am 37 yrs old and excited and a little nervous too at the same time. I want this baby for 13 yrs and am still just a tad scared , its a big change, I am sure you'll be ok and every minute is so worth it.


Tanya2 - June 17

I had my first baby last Sept and I tell you the first week is panic week. It is very normal because we worry about everything. You will be totally exhausted, but you're instincts will kick in and by the end of the month you'll be a pro. We live near Toronto Canada and we have a 24 hr Telehealth line where you can call and ask questions, I was on the phone a lot the first week. I called when her first real pooh came and she poohed so many times that day that I thought she had a diareah, but she didn't. Then I was worried because it looked soft and seedy and mustardy, I called and they said it was normal for b___stfed moms. So don't worry being a teenager or older with the first we all are nervous. Take care and good luck.


Nerdy Girl - June 17

I think that the first week or so was scary for all of us, teen mother or 30+ mother! But you will gain confidence as you get to know and learn your little one. If you have a nice pediatrician's office picked out, those nurses are very nice to answer questions on the phone for first time moms as well. Good luck!


tryingx3 - June 17

I am 36 and know the anxiety...mine was relieved somewhat when I visited a new mother at the hospital and she said isn't it amazing that they trust us to take this little thing home with us? we were laughing and saying "Now what do I do???" She was already a mother of a 3 year old! :-)


Nesha - June 18

Thanks everyone... its just soo scary right now ... i see myself crying everyday worring about it all..I know things will be okie just to gain that trust in myself.But With all your comments it really help to know even tho its my first mothers with more then one child still feel what im feeling. I think its because i think to much lol...Means lots everyone... i'll let ya know how everything goes when i have him. the latest ill have him is 30 june.:)



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