Britney Spears Is 7 Months Preg

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apr - July 16

hahahahaha!!! I just thought that was the biggest joke. And she canty even take care of her little Sean Preston, how is she going totake care of 2? Well well well...


LollyM - July 16

is she really 7 months? It seems like she just had the last one! someone needs some birth control or something lol. (I like to follow the celeb pregnancy scene also. It's pretty entertaining. ;-p )


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 16

That sounds strange, Sean Preston is not even walking. Seems like shes gonna have 2 to my one, I could of swarn that Sean Preston wasnt born yet when I got preg. Maybe not. Or Ive been preg way too long. You know 40 weeks is 10 months no matter how many times you count it.


apr - July 16

I just like to read up on her news from time to time. She pretty much sucks! At her rate she'll end up with 15 kids or wat? haha I've been pregnant forever. Thats the way I feel! I am 38 weeks and I just dont see no end! It's going on forever


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 16

She is a complete ditz! Who the hell wants to see her posing nude pregnant anyway?? Got to be touched up too, because 2 kids back to back would not give you that smooth of an appearance. Shes gotta be desperate for money. Her husband is such a weasel too. They make me sick but I cant stop reading about them. And that Bi#@ Angelina too. What is she trying to proove anyway. Stealing men, saving the earth, save the children, too many tatoos, the blood in the vile with billly bob. She is just plain weird, and pitt is a typical man with 3 legs. I love watching the stars too.


Tanya2 - July 16

heyyy, not a fan of Britney Spears, but I'm in the same boat as her, 2 kids in the span of one year, I was exclusively b___stfeeding too, got pregnant 10 weeks after delivery. Yessss I should have been on birth control, my mistake, won't be making it again. I ain't no Britney Spears with all the money, and maybe my body does look ugly to some people, but I bet I will loose all the weight pretty soon running after two little ones. My daughter will be 11 months when my son is born, but i'm looking at it this way, won't be having any more kids for a long while, plus although its not common these days, a lot of women used to have kids back to back way back when. Janet Jackson lost 60lbs in 5 months, one minute says anyone can do it and the next said she had a fitness trainer who would wake her up every morning and they would exercise for 6-8 hrs a day (she hates exercising), had a nutritionist with specific well portioned meals, etc. And according to her we can all do it, don't forget the drugs they get etc. As for Angelina, why do people have beef with her, she wasn't married, the guilty party should be Brad, plus Aniston maybe doesn't want kids, Brad has wanted kids from Day 1, once friends was over she still wanted her career for a couple of years before getting pregnant, the woman is 37 and not getting younger (although in Hollywood anything is possilbe), Angelina has done a lot of good for the people in need, so comming from a third world country I do appreciate what she has done, Hopefully she can keep it up, thats all. Hollywood stars, they sure keep us entertained, isn't that what its all about.


afwife - July 16

i'm not necessarily a fan of britney's, but in all honesty, the so called "mistakes" that she has made with her baby(almost dropping him, driving away with him in her lap, etc) are all things that mothers do EVERYDAY. accidents happen. especially when you've got 80 photographers swarming you and your baby. i think she's being treated pretty unfairly. i think she's doing great as a mom. ever since she had that baby, in almost every pic you've seen of her since then, she is holding him. that's more than we can say for most celebrities, who we see walking next to the nanny holding their children. we all make mistakes and britney made one with that husband of hers, and although i'm sure this 2nd pg was not planned, it happens ALL THE TIME to women. my mother being one of them and my sister and i are the best of friend, almost like twins being so close in age. i think britney's kids will always come before anything else, and i think she will smarten up and get rid of that husband in due time.


apr - July 16

afwife-you're right. 100%!!! It's just that celebrities are always under a magnifying gla__s... thats the price they have to pay for it. Sure, kids do fall and stuff like that, but we are just normal people on the universe, my name never ever comes up anywhere haha, and by her, reporters are always after her. What can one do? Thats the way it goes...


Tanna - July 16

I think Britney Spears was stupid to have one kid with such a letch, let alone two. A blind person can see he just wants her $. Anyway, when you have that kind of money, it doesn't really matter how many kids you end up with since the nanny's end up taking care of them for you.


Corrine321 - July 16

Why do pople always judge britney spears?! Shes no different from any of us.. The only thing different is that shes famous! and she has tons of photographers all around her every second... I really think Britney is doing very very good being a mom and have you ever thought about maybe she just wants to have kids close together in age? or just to get it all over with so she could get her body back? well thats how i see it.. I think shes doing great being a mommy!


KSosa4021 - July 29

its so funny how you guys hate on Britney and call her a bad mom... if you had a camera in your face all the time like she does Im sure it would capture a few mistakes as well. I think she looks beautiful... and if she wants 10 kids thats her choice. everyone judges other people's lives.... look into your own!! no one is perfect


HannahBaby - July 29

Um first of all she made the announcement that she was preg like 3 months ago so this is old news to me....And secondly i think that britany spears is a good mother to her son. I think that everyone makes such a big deal out of little things. I have almost dropped my daughter a bazillion times and no one gave a rats a__s but when she does it its like "OMG call CPS!!" I feel bad for that girl, shes got it rough. Imagine not being able to go out for a walk without people chasing you down and taking your picture. I think that she is a wonderful mom, and just an all around awesome girl. Stop ragging on someone that you dont even know and worry about your own pregnancy


scarlett - July 31

In my opinion, she can hardly take care of herself, let alone 2 kids. All the things she's said and done are such a disgrace. I'm her age, and I find her extremely immature. But anyway, that's just my opinion.


Angiconda - July 31

Why do people get so worked up and defensive about Brittany Spears like they know her or something. She decided her path and decided to be in the lime light so not she can deal with it. I personally can believe that she is going ot have another baby either I dont think shes seems to be that great of a mother but I guess I cant really say being that I dont know her but even if she were not a celerbity and she were just an ordinary person my opinion that she shouldnt have another baby would still be the same.


HannahBaby - July 31

and jealousy rears its ugly head.....


scarlett - August 1

My friends and I always laugh about this - that when someone says she doesn't like Britney Spears, that person is automatically 'jealous'. I mean, if you don't like Michael Jackson or Bin Laden, are you jealous of them? Let people have their own opinions. This whole 'oh, you're just jealous' thing is sooo first grade.


HannahBaby - August 1

but o so true



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