Bubbie Getting Hiccups

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dee23 - April 12

what does it feel like? i think my little one has been getting them but its quite light and very very low. i was expecting my whole belly to move when he got them. is this how it feels for you?


^lucy^ - April 12

my baby girl has been getting the hiccups for more than 3 weeks now.. or at least i've felt them since then.. they are very low (i think cz of the fact that she's headdown) and they are constant soft jumps.. its so cute but she gets them so often during the day and when it lasts for a long time she starts kicking and moving a lot.. i think it annoys her heehee.. poor tiny things :)


numba1cutie6t9 - April 12

i feel my baby boys hiccups ALL over my belly..not all at once but sometimes if can be REALLY low and sometimes its really high.he is head down tho...and he has them ALL the time..lol its kind of an unmistakable feeling.


meme - April 12

My son is head-down in there, and I feel them where his head is. They're not like the other motions he makes at all. These aren't nearly as forceful as, say, a kick. They're rhythmic, repet_tive, and go on for awhile. It's pretty easy to tell the difference in the third trimester.


Corrine321 - April 12

I been feeling my baby girl get hiccups i think, she must be head down cuz i feel her having them down lower... and yeah she moves tons if she has them for awhile!! its so funny!!


kh - April 12

Mine gets them daily too. At first I wasn't sure if that's what it was, but it's rhythmic, and not always in the same spot. Always low, though. Sometimes they are much stronger than other times, and my whole belly lurches. Other times, I can barely feel it when I touch my belly.


Chrissy - April 12

I feel them low too. I didn't even know that's what it was until I was at the doctor today and he did an u/s and told me that's what it was. It was like these little tiny rhythmic blips and I always thought before that it was the baby pressing on one of my arteries or something and that it was my own heartbeat! lol! Now I know!


SusanS - April 12

I can differentiate between kicks and hiccups, becasue they are are a less less intense and are frequent and consistent. When I went in for my daily check-up, we heard her heart and her hiccuping, its really cute :o)


Daytona - April 13

Im a day over my due date..and ive been feeling my baby get hiccups for a couple of months now..i feel so sorry for her..coz she starts moving around heaps when shes got them..they must be really annoying to her.



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