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Faye84 - March 14

Who is using them and who isnt? Ive always thought that they were good but after looking up the info and talking to a few people they say you should NOT use bumper pads.


xoxticiaxox - March 14

Yeah Im on the same page as you, but Im using them anyways, I just have these little pillow things that you put in the crib with them and they stay in one place. Im serious if we did EVERYTHING by the book, we would be living in bubbles, everyone I have ever known has used them and never had a problem....as long as they are tied tightly to the side and cant fall off. If you are worried, there are things in the sears catalouge that have mesh sides so if your baby does roll, they wont make it to the side of the crib, and will still be able to breath through the mesh.


xoxticiaxox - March 14

here is the link to the mesh thing. add the 3 w's though. ht tp://w w w.sears.ca/gp/product/B000F6GWP6/ref=sr_11_1/103-3710348-5726235?ie=UTF8&searsBrand=core


wailing - March 14

I've read the same thing, but I am using them anyway. I know people who do ALL types of things that they say may endanger ur baby to SIDS...but they are all happy and healthy:) I'm also thinking of getting the pillow things to help hold newborns in place. My friend uses them and it helps baby sleep thru the night b/c it makes them feel more secure, like in the womb. W/ out the bumber pads I would be more afraid of baby rolling over and getting caught between the bars. Good Luck


Faye84 - March 14

yeah i think i might use mine too. ive just never heard that they could be bad for newborns until yesterday, i knew that they werent too good when they get older.


nanders - March 14

we were told in our prenatal cla__ses at the hospital not to use them and lots of the books I've read said the same thing. So we are going to save our money. New born's don't move a lot and by the time they can roll around you are supposed to remove them, so what's the point! I'm getting a baby sleeping bag, it's like a little pair of overalls at the top with snaps at the shoulders and then it's a big bag that zips up around their feet, so they can kick. my friend has one and loves it! Also no risk of their face getting covered by blankets!


MrsShelton217 - March 14

Hye ladies... I am just visiting the third trimester board.. I am 6.5 weeks preggo w/ baby number 2. I didn't use bumber pads w/ my daughter... not b/c of any health risks... but for the simple fact that if I just wanted to peek in her door w/ out going all the way in her room to check on her or just look at her... I couldnt see through the bumper pads! lol. newborns dont roll around anyway... so they are safe... and like someone else said... u are supposed to remove the before the baby is 3 months old (i think)... so why spend the money... New cribs have high safety standards that they are required to meet so that the space between the slats are too small for a baby to get trapped in... and wide enough that if a foot or arm does get in there... it can easily be removed w/out distrubing a sleeping baby. :)


Kristin11 - March 14

I used mine with my daughter, she is 3 and happy and healthy. Like the ladies said it is only a problem once the baby becomes more mobile.


Carly67 - March 14

I have always had bumpers in the crib with my first 3 and now I am due to have my fourth in a few weeks and I will be using them again. I cannot recall when I removed them from the crib but I do not think it was at three months. Acutally Ikeep the baby in a bssinett in my room at first sometimes for the first 4-6 months. My first two always slept on their stomach and my third was born when they went to back sleeping. Believe me it is always something, it is amazing any of us survived. LOL


excited2bemama - March 14

I am using them.. seriously by the time a baby is big enough to roll in to them they are older enough to worry less about they gettins SIDS and not breathing- I am also going to use the baby sleeping bag thing so I don't have to have any blankets in the crib.


aliciavr6 - March 14

I am using a bumper pad, they can't really move around all that much at that stage to even get to the sides of the crib anyway.


jessica72 - March 14

They told us it wasn't an issue of them rolling into them as newborns but more an issue of air circulation. Who knows? I think SIDS will happen in a few rare instances regardless of these precautions. It's more for peace of mind. We were all tummy sleepers and yet here we are


Kristin11 - March 15

Carly i am totally with you on the changing fads and should nots with each kid. With my daughter they never mentioned the bumper pads being bad, and now suddenly they are bad. It is always something.


TamaraAngel - March 15

I bought the mesh breathable bumpers for the crib. Granted they're not nearly as cute but i have read a lot of research as to why the experts feel traditional bumper pads are dangerous... from suffocation to restricted air circulation. In my opinion, i am thankful and appreciative that there are researchers and funders dedicating time and money to keeping kids safe. I would prefer to take the advice of the experts to try to safeguard against something as devastating as SIDS, rather than use bumpers just b/c they come w the bedding and they're cute.


Faye84 - March 15

TamaraAngel by chance do you happen to have any of the websites? i couldnt find anything really solid. Do you remember if they have statistics or anything like that in them? Any info you read up on would be appreciated! ( i dont have a drs appt until 3/22, i was gonna ask about them then.)


TamaraAngel - March 15

I didn't save any of the articles b/c after reading them i was convinced. But i just googled "SIDS statistics bumpers" now and the first article i read on NBC discussed not using fluffy bedding/bumpers and the importance of air circulation. I don't have time now at work to research it but i'm sure if you do some searches you'll find tons of articles, i know i did. Honestly, i REALLY wanted to use the adorable bumper set to match the room decor but the articles scared me too much. After searching, i at least found mesh bumpers at Target that are trimmed in pink, yellow, or blue gingham instead of plain white... so i settled on that. I know that millions of babies in cribs with traditional bumpers will be fine... i guess it's just a personal choice and an extra safety measure just like placing the baby on their back to sleep.


chriss - March 15

I actually have bumper pads in the crib, but will be removing them when baby arrives. I will put them in if I am expecting company just for looks, but I won't be putting my baby in the crib with the bumper pads still in.



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