Butt And Thighs

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angie m - September 24

Anyone else notice that there butt and thighs are getting huge? Mine are and it is driving me crazy. My maternity pants are starting to get really tight around my thighs but fit fine around my tummy or waist or whatever you want to call what we all have in our third trimester. And before I was pregnant my legs were pretty thin and now that they are not my thighs rub together. It is such a strange feeling. Please tell me I am not alone in getting a big ol butt and thighs. : (


erin25 - September 24

Yeah, I know what you mean. I hope that I can slim them down after the baby gets here! I try to exercise as much as I can but sometimes I just feel like laying on the couch and doing nothing. Sometimes I feel so guilty(( Oh yeah and the legs rubbing together.......mine do that too, I've never felt this way before. I feel your pain.


Buffi R. - September 24

One of my favorite lines in the Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy book is, "pregnancy is a whole body experience!" I'm just shy of 27 weeks with my second baby, and early in my second trimester, I swear my backside grew quicker than my belly did. I was wearing maternity clothes by then but my belly didn't fill out one of my pants very well. I kid you not, I wore them backwards one day because the extra fabric in the front actually fit around my a** better than my belly. Arrgghhh... I'm still big in the b___t and thighs but thank God my belly finally filled in so I look like I have a reason to be this big. :-)


WP - September 24

Don't panic too soon. It's not always fat that makes you bigger. You retain a lot of fluids in and around the pelvic area and don't forget your pelvis shifts to a more cradle-like position, so things change down there...temporarily. I know it's frustrating right now, but try to be comforted by the fact that you're not actually turning into a fat pig. It's just your body creating some natural padding:)


angelinakai - September 24

yeah, you are not alone girl. my pre-pregnancy pants wont go up past my knees! its awful. and everyone is saying that im all belly and that i dont look like ive gained weight anywhere else.. so im like.. yeah just wait until the baby is out and then it will be a lot more noticable.


topper42 - September 24

Ahh I feel your pain. I think my legs and b___t have grown more then my belly! Like I was never a big person, but when you look at me from the back it's scary! Why am I not one of those little cute pregnant girls who are so small everywhere with this huge belly sticking out? It's gross if you look at my legs. I have purple stretch marks all over my thighs almost down to my knees on the inside! And of course no stretch marks on the stomach. So I guess I shouldn't complain.. it's just that's it's easy to explain the huge belly, but the b___t and thighs?


musicbaby - September 24

Ha ha! I am the size of a house at the moment! I cant wait to get back to my old self. :-)


Mariefe - September 24

Me too is experiencing all these weight gain everywhere in my body. My thighs rub together and feels hurrible specially when i sweat and it feels so sticky. I hate to walk like a penguin! My tummy and b___t are like competing each other to grow bigger and bigger! I hate to see mirror now. My husband said that i already look like a scarry monster! I cant wait to go back to my slim figure again. Lets just enjoy the moment of being pregnant anyway...its not gonna be long to wait anymore.. i only have 7 more weeks to go to give birth.. Good luck ladies!


docbytch - September 24

Mine haven't gotten huge....but they have sure gotten all jiggly!!! My muscle tone is generally very good (muscular body type) but since this pregnancy has totally knocked the energy right outta me? The flab has set in...LOL. Boy is it gonna take some serious gym-time to fix this body!


josie4 - September 24

My legs have definitely gotten bigger (so have my arms). It's annoying, but I know I can work it off afterward. What's weird is that my b___t has gotten smaller!



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