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livdea - May 3

Hey girls, I was online looking for a baby bjorn carry and I checked out ebay...I can't help but question if I buy some thing from there if it will be safe or not. You know what I mean? I'm sure it is and I know a lot of quality stuff is sold on ebay...I'm just concerned!!! What do you think? Am I over reacting already?!!


Anne - May 3

I buy and sell on eBay all the time. It's fine. I always pay with Pay Pal and never send a money order. That way you have record of your payment.


AML - May 3

I have boughten some things from Ebay before (for my car) and have never had any problems....I'm sure it would be ok!


Jenn2 - May 3

Its funny you asked this b/c I just bought a baby bjorn carrier from ebay today. It was a buy it now item. I get sick of all the bidding, and most of the time the bid's can go fairly high towards the end. I still ended up saving about $35 on the item I bought. I have bought a few other things on ebay before (non baby items), and have never had problems. I usually look at the seller's feedback, and make sure their percentage is not too low. It should be fine.


dee23 - May 4

hmm funny time to mention this.....i have never had a problem with ebay except for at the moment!! im so frustrated!! i bought items from a particular seller and still havent recieved it...its got to have been like close to 2 months now......she even told me 3 weeks ago that she recieved my cash and would post it the next day....LOL what a very uncivil....its like...i held up my part of the deal and i dont get what i payed for!!??? not happy.


dee23 - May 4

lol well that wasent very constructive...umm...advice wise, make sure you always read there feedback and postage rules...very important. this lady im dealing with has one negative feedback saying that it took 3 weeks for the item to be delivered........shows what happens when u dont use the feedback page to our advantage...grrrr


Ba8y6irl - May 4

I buy off ebay all the time! Just make sure that you read reviews of the seller and make sure you read every word of small print on the description, cuz if it was misrepresented at all then you get your money back... ebay has strict policies on sales... good luck!


Prissanna - May 4

Just make sure you check out the person's feedback before you buy to make sure they are a good seller.


bean - May 4

When buying a baby bjorn from ebay - make sure to check the date it was manufactured. Baby bjorns were recalled (I think those made before August 2004). So if you see a "really good deal" - it could be a recalled item. I guess that goes for any baby product... just do your homework and you should be fine.


Ba8y6irl - May 4

never hesitate to ask the seller questions either... they have to answer properly, if not don't buy!


Tess - May 4

livdea- I haven't purchased anything from ebay..but I know what you mean. I would probably suggest to just buy one at either Target or Im sure its less expensive (no shipping fees) Just a thought!



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