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ssmith - March 25

Hi ladies. I was thinking about getting myself prepared (3 weeks and counting) and buying a nursing bra or two. Do you buy the same size as your "pregnancy" bra, or do you get a bigger size? I have read the same size, and I have also read getting one size larger than pregnancy bra, but don't know which one is more accurate. Do I get the same size that I wear now, or larger. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


rkrhoads - March 25

I am 3 weeks and counting too! Have you had an internal exam yet? I just had mine this week, I am 75% effaced and dialated to a 1. How about you? I bought a nursing bra this week from Motherhood Maternity and I usually wear a 36D but I bought a 36E. The woman working there told me that you will need the room for milk and b___st pads. Let me know if you are dialated or effaced yet!


ssmith - March 25

Cool! When is you due date? My Dr. has said April 14th-19th. I have not had an internal exam yet, but I am desperate to find out if anything is "happenin" down there!! I go back this Wednesday, so I will inquire! Do you know what you're having? I don't, but it's beginning to drive me crazy! I am tired of waiting!! Thanks for the info about the bra. I guess I will be buying a 36E too...yikes!


K - March 25

My daughter is 5 weeks old. I would recommend buying at least one or two nursing bras beforehand. I started wearing them immediately, and thank goodness I bought some comfortable ones beforehand because I wound up having an emergency C-section and there is no way I could go shopping for them for at least a week, if not longer. You can't really just send someone out for them, because you have to know which ones are comfortable for you. I was a 34C pre-pregnancy and went to a 38C during pregnancy. I bought 38 D nursing bras and they fit fine. I did get a little bigger about a week or two ago, and now 38E (or 38DD depending on brand) are better although I can still wear the Ds. I found some styles that worked really well for me at Motherhood.


rkrhoads - March 25

I am due April 19th, but the doc said that I am ahead of the game! He said anytime in the next few weeks. I am having a girl! Yeah, I was suprised when I had to get a 36E!!!!!


Jilloh - March 25

I am 39 weeks and I have 1 nursing bra. I got it months ago a bit bigger then my normal size. I have been wearing it a lot lately just to "break it in" this way it will be easier later. After the baby is born I will prolly buy 1 or 2 more once I find out exactly how big I am gonna get.


AR - March 27

I am 38 weeks pregnant and bought only 2 maternity bras, I normally wear a 36D but when I was at motherhood maternity the one that fit was 36E. A friend of mine told me to buy what it fits best, she said you are engorged at the beginning, but then when milk and feeding is stable you'll shrink and sag a little bit. I bought one regular bra and a second one for sleeping. My b___stfeeding consultant recommended avoiding the ones with underwires because they can block your milk ducts., good luck!


Jamie - March 27

My daughter is 7 months old...I have 5 nursing bras, ranging in size from 32 F to 36 D. I was a 34B before I got pregnant. The first 6 weeks after the baby was born, I was a 32F. When my milk regulated, I went down to a D cup. Now, the most comfortable bra is a 36 D. My advice - do NOT buy cheap bras if you're planning on b___stfeeding. This is something that is absolutely worth the money, cause your b___bs are gonna be sore enough without imadequate support.



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