BV During Labour

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Lesley - August 14

I am 30 weeks pregnant and have bacterial vaginosis. When I went to my doctor she refused to give me antibiotics till after the baby is born. I know BV can cause you to have the baby too early so I don't understand why she won't treat it. Has anyone else ever experianced this? I have got BV in all 3 of my pregnancies and the other 2 times I have been treated during the pregnancy. Is labour safe even though you have BV? I know if you have thrush theres a chance baby can catch it, but there is not a lot of info on the net about BV.


Jennifer - August 14

I dont know anything about BV but from what you wrote if I was in your situation I would call another doc and ask a nurse there or something. It just doesnt sound safe but then again who am I, I'm not a doctor. That's a tough, I would definitely try to get a second opinion.


Becky - August 15

BV is supposedly pretty common during pregnancy. 25% of all pregnant women get it, due to the extra discharge and whatnot down there. I have it also, and have been torn on if I'm supposed to treat it or not. It's not a bad case of it, just extra discharge and a slight (not strong) odour. S_x is uncomfortable also, like it's kind of 'raw' 'up there' (sorry if TMI). So my midwife tells me to treat it, but when I goto my doctor to get a perscription he tells me NOT to treat it because the antibiotics are really strong. He's consulted other doctors and specialists about it and they've said the same; not to treat it. He told me women that do treat it are the ones with bad symptoms and/or have a history of premature birth. My midwife is set on me getting medication for it. I am in the same boat as you ... I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I've literaly gone back and fourth between the 2 and they've faxed each other thier opinions, I've also got a 2nd test done to see if it had gone away (it hasn't). I'm 31 weeks now and I haven't treated it yet. My main concern is the post labor infection and they baby catching something from it. But if my doctor (who delivered babies for 30+ years), and other doctors and specialists say that it's not a big concern ... maybe I shouldn't worry? Sorry if this post is so long, but I have been dealing with this since the PAP test when you first find our you're pregnant (3 or 4 months) and it's been on my mind everyday!!


Lesley - August 17

Mine has a strong odour and it is starting to get me down. I dare not go out incase others can smell it. It is spoiling my social life big time. I want medication to clear it up. I have took it in both my other pregnancies and I have been perfectly fine! If I do wait till after I have th baby they will only go saying that they can't give me antibiotics cos I am b___stfeeding. It feels like I will have to live with his forever.


Lisa - August 17

I think I may have this too but I'm not sure. I have a thin milky discharge that has an odour I can only describe as an onion smell, I have never experienced this before. I am 30 weeks pregnant. What does a BV odour smell like?



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