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Noodle - November 27

I was booked to go into section on the 7th of december - not this friday but next - and they have brought it forward to monday, and i know its only about 4 days earlier but as it feels so much closer i'm beginning to get nervous! has anyone had a planned c section before, and how did they feel? after having my first by crash section i felt awful and so ill, i felt so much shock and the pain was horrendous. i've heard its easier for a planned section but was hoping someone could tell me how much easier it was!?


BriannasMummy - November 27

I had a planned c section last December.. it was a lot different then my first. My first I failed to induction 3 times.. so they gave up.. while it wasnt an emergency it all happened so quickly I had no time to wrap my head around it. With the one last december.. I knew about it and I was able to prepare. It was a really really really really GREAT experience. I recovered very quickly and I was up and walking around the same afternoon I had my baby girl. I was a very nervous prior to the day.. just thinking about it.. but the moment I entered into the hospital .. i got calm.. very calm. Just remember to get up and walk just as soon as they allow you.. and things should recover quickly. Congrats on your new lo btw! ~Kristin~


BriannasMummy - November 27

BTW: My c section last year was scheduled on the 7th.. Shell be a year old next friday! hehe. Again.. congratulations! ~Kristin~


Pearl - November 27

I had my third (first planned and executed on the scheduled day) c-section on October 24th. It was a lot better than the first two times! My first was after 20 hours of labor. My second was planned, but my water broke before the scheduled date and I was in labor for 2-3hours before I got into surgery. I'd say the planned c-section is easier. I was nervous because counting down the days drove me crazy, but it was a better experience. Hope that helps.


sahmof3 - November 27

My first was an emergency c-section after 24 hours of labor (12 of them induced). It was a tough recovery because of the labor and being a brand new mom who was feeling overwhelmed with exhaustion/b___stfeeding issues didn't help that. My next two were planned c-sections. Much easier recoveries!! Just knowing ahead of time makes a big difference... you can mentally prepare yourself. But, probably the main reasons were because I had a better idea of what to expect, I wasn't a new mom anymore and I didn't have a horrendous labor beforehand. With my first one, I did get up and walked only about 7 hours later, but I felt like I could possibly rip right open, so I ONLY got out of bed to use the bathroom. With the next two I was out of bed at 2 1/2- 3 hours after surgery (with # 2, had to get up ASAP and to the NICU to see her) and 7 hours (with # 3... couldn't before that as I was coming out from being under general anesthesia and then I had to wait for them to give me Pitocin to shrink back my uterus, plus I was loopy from the GA for a few hours) after and I got up and walked around more frequently. I wasn't worried about ripping open with them and moving around more often made a big difference.


Noodle - November 28

thankyou all so much for your responses. can anyone describe the difference in the pain, after having my crash section i was in agony and couldnt bear to get up for 36 hours after having her, and even then i had to be convinced. I had a uterus infection so im guessing the pain i was in isnt quite the same as if it had all gone smoothly, but i was on morphine for 4 days as i was in complete agony, i couldnt walk properly for 2 weeks and i was in a state. i was wondering how much the pain differs when its planned, you havent had a slogging labour etc?



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