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beth1975 - February 7

My Dr. is scheduling me for a c-section in two weeks because my baby is breech. I am too scared to go in for the EVS (when they turn him) I had very easy va___al deliveries with my first two babies. I am scared to death!! Any words of encouragment would be helpful!!!


Tammy276 - February 8

maybe you will get lucky and your baby will turn before then and you won't have to have a c-section... A lot of times baby's turn at the last minute......don't freak yourself out too bad....c-sections are considered major surgery, but most often there are no complications with it, just a longer recovery time!! I hope your baby turns for you!


divamommy - February 8

Don't worry..my daughter was head down te whole time and 2 days before my water broke she turned!!! so I had to get a c-section..I was heartbroken and scared to death...it's really not that bad..you will be sore a week or so..by 2 weeks you will feel fine...at least I did...just don't push yourself too hard and listen to your doctor...I might add I was in a lot of pain and only took the pain meds twice to sleep..and never took them again so it is possible!!! in the end it will be completely worth it! and look at it this way, your baby will have a perfect shaped head without the pushing..lol...good luck and hope you 2 are healthy!


Gavinsmom - February 8

The same thing happened to me and I was so scared! I posted my birth story/experience in the c-section forum...it may help put your mind at ease! Good luck!


sahmof3 - February 8

There are quite a few stories and experiences over on the c-section section right now... there's one thread in particular by emunah called (something like) What is the Procedure of a Cesarean... ppl told their stories each step of the way from arriving at the hospital- after delivery. And Gavinsmom's thread where a lot of ppl responded ;-) My best advice, after 3 c-sections, is stay on top of your pain meds and it should be ok!


Evansmomma - February 8

I know what your going through. My c section is scheduled for February 16th. My doc told me he didn't wanna do an EVS because its too risky and the chances of him actually turning are only 30%, he said. My doctor made me feel alot better about a c section, but I would definetely rather a v____al delivery. This is my first child, so I'm especially nervous and scared.


beth1975 - February 8

You guys make me feel so much better. Keep me updated Evansmomma!! I will be thinking about ya.


nichole4886 - February 9

I had a c-section 2 months ago and it really isn't that bad, it is a very quick procedure. I would recommend you to try to walk the next day, though it will be extremely hard to do, it will help you to heal faster. I did that (thanks to the encouragement of my mother) and I was able to move around really well by the time I went home. Good Luck!!


candaceann1 - February 9

Not everybody has a piece of cake c-section. There are many complications involved with c-sections not just a longer recovery time. Just make sure that you are well educated before your surgery. Good Luck.



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