C Section How Long In Hospital

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redmondsky - November 11

Hey everyone. We had an emerg c-section with our first that resulted in a long stay in the hospital after our sons birth. We are scheduled for a c-section this time around (to avoid the mess we went through the first time)....How long is the hospital stay after a c-section that is uncomplicated? Anybody have any feedback on how long they stayed?


jessne - November 11

I had a planned c-section in August of 06' and stayed 3 nights. My insurance would have let me stay another night but I wanted to go home. I have another c-section planned for the 26th of November and hope to only be there 3 nights again. I had no complications either.


Krissy25 - November 11

I had a planned c-section and stayed 4 nights with the option to leave a day earlier if i wanted. I just felt i wasn't quite ready to go home.


sahmof3 - November 11

My first was also an emergency c-section and longer stay. My next two were scheduled c-sections. I had them both on Thursdays and came home on Sundays... so 4 days, 3 nights.


AmberNicole - November 11

I went in on a Friday in labor, ended up with a c-section early Saturday morning, and they released me on Wednesday afternoon, with my ds. I have a scheduled c-section this time, but I'll probably go into labor before that. I would say either 3-4 nights.


redmondsky - November 11

Thanks - thanks - thanks - for posting. We have Canadian OHIP coverage but no extra health care coverage. Every night we spend in a private room - it will cost 240 - OUCH. I have enough saved right now for 5 nights...after that I guess we can always switch over to the ward - that has 16 beds in it - our first c-section had me in the hospital for 14 nights - it was a disaster. Sadly the doctor's fault........anyways we are hoping this time around will be way better! New doctor, new hospital and a scheduled c-section.......


sahmof3 - November 11

Oh my gosh... 14 nights. Yikes!!! I hope you are out much sooner this time around!!!


LIN - November 12

I had a last-minute c-section due to an infection that caused an increasing temperature and increasing fetal heart rate. We went to the hospital after my water broke at 1am on a Sunday night (Monday morning), the baby was born at 11:11pm Monday night, and we left the hospital late Friday afternoon. I think that it really was the perfect amount of time. I wouldn't have wanted to stay any longer, but I'm glad I stayed as long as I did.



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