C Section And Exercise

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Michelle - October 23

For those of you who had a c-section, how long did you have to wait before you started to exercise again? What type of exercises could you do and not do? Thanks!


dani - October 23

I would like to know the answer to this too??


Jenn... - October 23

No excersize for 6 weeks, light walking is okay. Also, my doc recommended to keep it light until 12 weeks since you are not fully healed until then. Also, no lifting anything heavier than baby prior to six weeks.


Heidi - October 23

I had an emergency c-section on Oct. 11th as the baby was in distress after 11 hours of labor. I felt just fine about one week after and when I went to the clinic to get my st_tches out my doc couldn't believe how well I was getting around. It didn't bother me at all after a few days. You just have a hard time getting out of bed and out of certain chairs but after about 4 days my muscles got strong again and I could move around with no problem. I started walking again and I just do light exercising as they told me 6 wks too and if I overdo it I could get a hernia. I feel totally normal like before I was pg so I just do what my body lets me right now. I just try not to do certain stomach exercises. Walking feels awesome without that big belly! He said I could go to the gym still and use the treadmill and stairclimber, just avoid stomach strain.


Nikki - October 29

Hey, Michelle, I delivered my first child via ceserean and am due to deliver my second the same way in about two and a half months. I would advise you to take it easy for a least a couple of weeks. I took about a half mile walk on day 12 after my c-section and I wouldn't try to do much more than that. Walking is definately safe during the first 6 weeks following the birth as is swimming. I wouldn't try lifting anything or rearranging heavy furniture during that first 6 weeks either, trust me, I learned the hard way! Your body will tell you what it can and can't do and you probably won't feel like 200 daily crunches or ab machines right away anyway. Just eat smart, don't run to the cookie jar everyday, and get plenty of vitamin C. I actually craved ice cold o.j. after my son was born after a lifetime of hating the stuff! Trust yourself and don't over due it or try to push yourself too hard! Good luck!


Michelle - October 30

Thanks everyone for you input. I'm scheduled to have a C-section on the 14th of Nov. I just very scared about the recovery and getting my old body back! :)



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