C Section At 36 Wks

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Samantha - December 29

Im currently 32 weeks. I think I will have scheduled c section at 36 weeks. Im scared, and I think its too early. My little girl has gastroschisis ( bowels are out of its stomach). My dr said its common that the babies with gastroschisis being deliver during that week. Im pretty nervous about this. I have only few weeks left! It is totally unexpected.


BB - December 29

Hi Samantha. A full term baby is considered to be 37 weeks so its not that early. Can you tell me how they determined this condition? I wish you the best. You have four more weeks so I hope you can prepare yourself in that time. I know that for myself (I am 35 weeks) I just REALLY became ready over the last couple of weeks. I want to have this baby and be done with this pregnancy. So maybe that will hit you too in a couple of weeks. Keep us updated!


Amy - December 29

Hi i to i'm 32wks 5d and will be having a c-section at 36wks 3d but they are going to test Logans lungs first but it's not that any thing is wrong with him it's me i have a weak spot on my uterus GOOD LUCK i will be thinking of you !!


Samantha - December 29

My little girl's intestines are out of its stomach that requires surgery after the birth. Im more likely nervous about her surgery. Its possible for her to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks to 4 months for recovering. We have to make sure shes able to take food orally, and BM regularlly then she can go home. Im hoping she will be doing so well, so she can get out earlier. They had to take her out early because her intestines can get larger that will not be able to fit in her stomach or the intestines can be damaged pretty bad. It just depends. I hope the intestines are fine. I just feel like I dont have much time left to be prepare with myself. I know its going to be very emotional. I know theres going to be a lot of supports, but still Im scared. Amy- good luck, too!!


jmommy#1 - December 29

I had two csections at 36 weeks, and all of my kids are extremely healthy, remember the doc is doing whats best for you and your baby and has probobly confered with collegues about your situation. good luck you and your baby will be fine!



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