C Section Tomorrow

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nounou159 - March 14

Hi ladies,my due date is march 16 and my doc scheduled me tomorrow for c-section because my baby is very high and she don't want to drop down,the doc said that even if he induced me it will not work,so please wish me luck ladies i am really scare to death from c section and if there is any advice from women who make c section before....thanks


sahmof3 - March 14

Wow! I guess that was quite a surprise for you! I've had 3 c-sections. The first was an emergency and the 3rd was under general anesthesia because I had low platelets, but the 2nd one will probably be the closest to what you will have. I went in and filled out a bunch of paperwork. Then they placed my IV and took my medical history and had the doctor and anesthesiologist come in and take a history of what they felt was relevant and I had time to ask them questions. After probably about 2 hours I was wheeled to the OR. DH had to wait outside of the OR while my spinal was placed (which I barely felt.... I was lucky with that)... and then dh came in and sat up near my head. The nurses put oxygen on me and placed the catheter at that time.There was a curtain just below my chest level so I wouldn't see anything. They rubbed a brush over my abdomen to be sure I was numb and then my doctor began the c-section. I didn't feel any cutting at all, not even pressure from the knife. While they were trying to get her out it felt weird. There was some odd pulling and tugging and it felt a little like snakes slithering in there or something... very strange, but not painful. When she was delivered the doc held her up over the curtain for a second so I could see her and then took her over to suction her and such while I was being st_tched. DH was able to hold her for a bit and brought her over so I could see and touch her!! Then she was taken to the nursery (actually NICU, because she had gotten fluid in her lungs from looking up, taking a breath and then turning breech and having to be pulled out by her legs! (very rare... in fact my doc had never before seen a baby do that)). I was taken to recovery and was there for maybe an hour, then I was taken to my regular room. When I could feel my legs again the nurse got me up and cleaned up to go down to NICU, but it will probably be several more hours for you (I was out of bed about 3 hours PP.... it's usually b/w 7-12, I think). That first time is pretty painful getting out of bed, but if you take your pain meds as needed, getting up and about actually helps a lot! I had a pretty average recovery, I think. Not completely pain free, but not horrible pain, either. Anyway, hope that helps you to have an idea of what to expect... and good luck tomorrow :-)


nounou159 - March 14

thanks a lot sahmof3 for your respond


excited2bemama - March 14

Good luck with your c-section- I would probaly be nervous too- but you get to meet your baby tomorrow!!!!! So exciting!!!



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