Cadens Fast Delivery Into The World

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Jenny - February 25

I have been very sleepy the last couple of days but have a few minutes to post my birth story. On the day that I had my Doctors appointment (38 weeks) I had started have contractions that were every 10 minutes and by the time I made it to my appointment, they started to come every 6 min. The doc did the sweep and told me I could go to l&d and he would call them and say that I was in active labor. By the time I got to the hospital the contractions were every 4 min, I am already dilated to almost a 5 , I have been dilating ever since 34 weeks. The doctor came in at 5:00 and broke my water, as soon as he did the babies heart went below the hundreds. His heart rate never went back up so he had to do an emergency c-section.. They had to put me under so I did'nt get to see my little boy untill he was 2 hours old. He weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and 18in long. It was not how I had planned on labor being but he is healthy and I am so happy for that. My total labor time was only 3 hours from the time I left the doctors office.


sahmof3 - February 25

Wow! What an unexpected turn of events. Congratulations on your new little boy. My 3rd child was a c-section under general anesthesia... also unexpected! Definitely not my first choice, but so worth it in the end...


ShaunaLeigh - February 25

CONGRADULATIONS JENNY!!! Im sorry that it wasn't what you expected but as you pointed out, so worth it in the end to have ur happy & healthy lil BOY!! Im still hangin in there... march 5th :| & i want it over... haha lucky you got it over with already!!!


zay28 - February 26

jenny congratulations. I hope you will recover fast and with not problems. Most importat is that your baby is healthy.


mira - February 27

congrats jenny & welcome caden :)


Jenny - February 27

Thanks ladies, I have a rough week but don't want get into that story. The main thing is how much in love I am with my little boy!!



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