Caffeine Study

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sarah21 - January 21

Hello girls. I just saw on the news today that a study has come out that suggests that women who consume more than 200 mg of caffeine a day (equivalent to two cups of coffee) are at a 25% risk of miscarriage, which is twice the normal miscarriage rate for women who do not consume caffeine. They say it doesn't matter where it comes from (coffee, soda, chocolate, tea) but to consume as little caffeine as possible until after the baby is born. You can check out the article on I wonder if it could increase the chance of stillbirth, since we're past the risk of miscarriage? Anyhoo, just interesting info to pass along.


jmejo2 - January 21

Sarah-I saw that too. Very curious indeed.


treshala - January 21

I heard about that today but didnt see it. was "miscarriage" the only threat of caffeine?


HeatherIsHopeful - January 21

Treshala... other possible issues are early delivers, low birth weights, also they say that babies that had caffeine in their system didn't sleep very much in the first few days after birth. I think thats about it... you can google 'caffeine and pregnancy' and read the studies and what doctors say and a list of possible side effects.


Astra - January 22

I always wonder about these studies. Were the women consuming more caffeine doing other things that could affect the baby? Were they all the same age? They have had caffeine studies before which yielded very different results. I am not a huge caffeine consumer anyway (my body does not tolerate it well) but this study does sound a little extreme and alarmist. I think they also did specify that the risk of miscarriage was in the first trimester (when risk is high anyway). I'm not advocating to drink/consume tons of caffeine but I reserve the right to stay skeptical...


sarah21 - January 22

Yeah, studies always have their shortcomings. The media was emphasizing this one, I guess it had pretty good control over the participants. Just something to be aware of. :)



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