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ash2 - May 8

is caffienne really that bad for the unborn ?? i have to have at leaast one glass of coke or mt. dew a day ..... is this a bad thing?? i am 37 weeks


torbman - May 8

I don't think it's bad to have a couple of caffine drinks a day just if you drink excessive amounts. I know I have cravings for pop or chocolate somedays also. I am only 28weeks but with this child I have major cravings for caffine.


luvmyboys - May 8

As far as I know, you'd have to have something like 12 cups of coffee (or coke, or whatever) a day for it to have a negative affect on your baby. The recommendation I've always read is that one a day (coffee, coke or whatever) is OK. And as far as chocolate goes, I ate however much I wanted!


Ba8y6irl - May 9

I am drinking a Green Tea Latte right now :) no its not bad... you are safely allowed up to 300mg of caffene a day. A pop has like 40mg.


Tillie - May 9

I think a lot less than 12 cups of coffee a DAY will affect your baby, luvmyboys! A coke or a cup coffee is fine, I agree, but anything more than that could definitely be potentially bad for the baby's nervous system, not to mention her general comfort. There's a reason why babies get jumpy and active after you injest caffeine--it's a pretty powerful drug! I can't imagine it feels very good for them to be jolted up wth caffeine. That said, moderation is probably key. I have a small cup of coffee most mornings and make sure to eat something with it.


Nora1 - May 9

It makes me mad that the Green Tea Latte at Starbucks does not come in de-caf!!! I really don't like caffeine to begin makes me jittery, so I am not drinking it at all with the baby. I do have chocolate sometimes, but not coffee or anything that has lots of it. I think if it has that effect on me it will the baby for sure. But I would REALLY like to try that Green Tea Latte! (How is it, Ba8y6irl??)


krc - May 9

women have been drinking coffee while pregnant since wo knows how long ago. And what about " tea time " ? Black tea which is commonly drank around the world has just as much caffeine as coffee. Well our foremothers drank coffee or tea im sure and the human race is still kickin' !!! The key word is moderation. I have a small cup of coffee in the morning I rarely finish. And on my lunch break i have been enjoying a white mocha espresso. Thats about it. To claim one thing might harm your baby is absurd. With all the chemicals and preservatives already in food, pollution in the air, second hand smoke, exhaust fumes, sugar in all the junk we eat...who really cares about a cup or 2 of caffeine !!!


Ba8y6irl - May 9

Actually I don't really like the Starbucks one, I like the Second Cup one its sooooo good!!! The Second Cup is sweeter whereas the Starbucks one is kinda leafy... like I think they actually have green tea leaves in it. I had it once and there were little slimy green things in it. lol Definatly try the Second Cup one, if you have a Second Cup near you.


starr - May 9

Yes, caffeine is pretty strong stuff, not to mention addictive. But I don't think a little will hurt anything. Sometimes I mix a little water with my sodas just so it won't be so strong. I use to drink 1 or 2 cups of coffee at work but I noticed how jumpy my baby became so now I just try to stick to juice but sometimes I do get the craving for caffeine, like today I had a Coke. I figured out that caffeine was also a part of the reason why I couldn't sleep at night so I try to cut back.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 9

I will be completely honest with all of you, I drink all the soda and tea and caffienated drinks I want. I am 37 weeks today, and me and baby are perfectly healthy. Baby is actually the perfect weight and size. I am not saying that that is the case for everyone, but I was not affected by it. I tried to kick the habit, but I just could not do it.


lindsay - May 10

i recently read that it has been deemed "safe" for pregnent women to consume up to 350 mg caffeine a day... the article said a cup of coffee (i'm just a__suming an 8 ounce cup) has about 150 mg of caffeine and 12 ounces of soda have about 50-60 mg... honestly, i probably have 3-4 cans of pop daily, and dd is growing great and never seems overly excited when i consume them... i think the main concern is just a poosible elevated fetal heart rate from it, much like the effect it can have on us... but i drank a coke right before my nst on monday and her heartrate was no higher at all than days i don't have one... i hardly ever drank pop the first 2 trimesters, but these last couple of months... sometimes you just need a pepsi fix!!!


Nora1 - May 10

Ba8y6irl - I guess I don't have a Second Cup near me, darn it!



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