Calamari Amp Food Poisoning At 39 Weeks

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Jessica NY - January 27

Last night I was craving calamari, bear in mind I hate sea food and wouldn't eat it before I was pregnant. At about 11 last night I gave in and hubby did a food run, I ended up stuffing my face with calamari for the third time this pregnancy at about midnight. 2 hours later I went to bed (2am) at 2:45am I woke up feeling very, very sick. I went to the bathroom had a very loose bowel movement, nausea, vomiting, fever, sweating and when I'd finished I started to get very cold and shivering. My husband had eaten with me but slept through the whole ordeal so I figured it had to be just a stomach bug. This morning, I've had another bowel movement and still feel nauseated. My husband has called me from work to tell me he feels quite ill this morning. I now think that I have food poisoning and am worried about the baby. My doctors surgery doesn't open on a Friday until 11am so I'm panicking a bit. Anyone have any experience with this? The only thing I can think to do is stay hydrated but I don't know if this warrants a trip to the hospital or if I should wait 2 more hours to call my doctor? HELP!


mel - January 27

when you call your doctors office does the recording offer an emergency number you can call? My honest opinion is that everything is okay.....your body has ways of defending the baby and making sure it remains allright, but I also know how IMPOSSIBLE it is to let you mind rest until you know for sure. if your docs office doesn't have an emergency number, maybe call the hospitol and ask if you can speak to the doctor on call.


Hannah - January 27

Jessica, I hope you're feeling better! I, too, think that all is alright but noone except you can be certain. If, as Mel suggested, you cannot get in touch w your doc's office via calling center, go to the ER. better safe than sorry. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.


JennyC - January 27

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about this. What a bad time to get food poisioning. I agree with Mel, see if there's a doctor at the hospital that you can just talk to over the phone to ask your questions.


Jessica NY - January 27

Thank you so much for your replies, there is so little information available on the net regarding food poisoning during pregnancy. My doctors office does have the recorded message, I think I will call back and speak to someone, I'm inclined think it may be a bigger deal earlier in pregnancy but really not sure. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks again.


Heather F - January 27

My friend had food poisoning late in her pregnancy and it put her into labor, at 39 weeks you should consult with your doctor - vomitting, loose bowels and a fever this late in pregnancy warrant a at the very least a call to the doctor, if I were you though I would go to the hospital to be checked out!


Jessica NY - January 27

I finally spoke to my doctor and apparently this late in pregnancy all should be fine, the biggest concern is dehydration so just to make sure I keep getting enough fluids. I've not vomited again but had two lesser bowel movements (sorry to be gross), I just feel weak and tired now. If it gets worse, the vomitting returns or the bowel movements continue for more than 24 hours I need to go to get checked out by my doctor or at the hospital. Funny enough Heather, you are now the fourth person to mention labor, the three before you said that that is how their labor started, dh has now called again and said he feels better, no vomitting or diarreah at all - sympathy pains maybe?? If it is labor I'll keep you all informed, maybe I won't be induced after all : )


Kari - January 27

I know what you're going through. I've actually gotten food poisoning twice since I've been pregnant. The first time was after eating chicken strips and fries from applebees. Go figure, I thought I was playing it safe. I was up all night with stomach cramps, vomiting and diahrea. The next day my stomach was just cramped up. I called the dr. and they said just to stay hydrated and make sure you're not running a fever. The baby is fine. I was just miserable all night, but luckily the next day things were tolerable. I would try calling the hospital if you're still worried. Better to play it safe.



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