Caleb Allen Is Here

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angelinakai - September 29

Monday night I checked into L&D and they gave me some cervadil to try to ripen my cervix because the next morning they planned on inducing labor. I was having contractions and severe acid reflux all night... it was awful! So the next morning, they started me on Pitocin at about 5am. At about 9:30, my Dr tried to break my water, but it wouldn't break, so he told me that I needed to get the epidural so that he could try to break it again. I got the epidural, which was awkward bc the anesthesiologest was in training and he kept sticking me in the wrong spot. but after I got it, I felt really good. I guess I started having really strong contractions after that... I didnt feel anything... and the contractions caused the baby to go into fetal distress. His heartrate dropped to 70 really quickly. So, they took me in for an emergency C-Section at 10am and by 10:30, our son was here! The C-section was not bad at all... i thought it would be much worse. Caleb was 9lbs 9oz and 20in long. So, thank God that I had a C-Section!! That's about it... we are doing really well and he is just a perfect little baby.


crrodgers - September 29

Yay! Coongrats!!! What a big baby! I bet your glad it came out c-section...I bet recovery is a lot easier than if he would have came out natural! Glad to hear all is well!


nikki1 - September 29

Congratulations on your (big) baby boy!!! btw, I love the name Caleb! I am 37 weeks and the baby was 7lbs. 10oz. in his last ultra-sound a couple days ago.... they said he was going to be atleast 8lbs. when he is born... well anyways, congrats again.. -Nikki


lissica - September 29

Congratulations on a healthy baby.


denimb__terfly - September 29

congrats! I had my boy a week early (v____ally)and he weighed 9lbs 9oz and was 20in. too!


HeavenisMine - September 29

That is so sweet, thank goodness it all worked out. I was as big as your little boy when I was born! My mother pushed me out v____ally, I don't know how :( apparently it can be done.Congratulations, I wish only the best for you two!


staci - September 30

Congratulations!!!! Great to hear everyone is doing very well!


angelinakai - September 30

Thank you guys!! Nikki-- sounds like you're gonna have a big one too hehe. Fat babies are sooo cute! I love our chubby lil guy :) Denimb___terfly-- how did you do that v____ally?! I'm kinda short, only 5'2, so maybe that's why he wouldn't come out.



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