Calling All Fall Mommies Part 11

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lissica - September 30

Congrats to all you lucky girls who have had their little bundle of joy. Just a few of us left now. 11 is my lucky number so lets hope this thread #11 is just as lucky for me.


crrodgers - September 30

I wish those of you left the VERY best of luck and hopefully you will all be joining the "not pregnant" club really soon! I feel so much better physically! I feel like I can give my girls so much more than I was giving them when I had my belly! I love being able to give them baths (my mom was doing it) and just having the energy to spend time with them! Yesterday I challenged myself and took all three of them out with me ALONE! We went to mcdonalds and had lunch and then I took them to the park to ride bike. I had the baby in one of those baby bjorn carriers. It really wasn't that hard! Cayden is amazing. He is such a good baby. He sleeps right through all of the yelling and screaming of sunday football! He is probably my best tempered baby so far! We go see the lactation nurse on Wednesday because he rather sleep than eat from the b___b...he's a lazy little guy! He is eating better so I know he's finally gaining some weight. Life is good right now......I'm gonna make an appearance at my office tomorrow to try and help my dad with work...we'll see how that goes. I'll let you ladies know! Liss, I really hope 11 is truly your lucky number!


hapistuff - September 30

Hi ladies – I have my hands full at the moment and am unable to really catch-up like I would like to. Congratulations to Tonia - what a birth. Thank you to all who sent their well wishes. I will keep checking in from time to time. I miss you girls!!!!! ***Lisa thanks for taking over this tread. This is such a supportive group of ladies and really should continue. Best to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


proudmommy4 - October 1

LOL, Lissica, I hope this is my lucky thread too! I'm officially past my due date, which is not normal for me. I was walking around the house today stomping my feet like I'm mad, and dh looked at me and laughed, and said I was cute! Cute??? OMG, I'm not trying to be cute, I'm just trying to get this baby out!! I went to bingo tonight, thinking that might make me go into labour, but no luck. I walked around Walmart for about an hour, still nothing. I'm thinking, if this baby likes gum like my 3 other kids do, I should put a chicklet in my underwear to bribe her out. I'm honestly considering it. Any thing, I think I'll try now!


lissica - October 1

Morning all. Finally it's Oct 1st. Now this baby can come anytime he wants lol. Claudia, i'm so happy to hear you are feeling so good again. It sounds like you are doing amazing with 3 children. That's great news about Cayden being such a good baby and eating better. Rebecca, i'm so glad you are still able to check in even if it's only for a moment. I can't wait to watch all our babies grow. Hey proudmommy! lol i hope you go soon too. This must be so weird for you being pregnant this long. That's funny about the gum thing lol. When i walk around the grocery store i usually start to feel stuff going on down there. My mom said when she was pregnant with me...she had a warm bath for 30min and i was born the next day. I will definitely try that i think now that it's past Oct (i didn't want a sept baby cus everyone in my family was born in sept) Anyways, best of luck. How is everyone else doing? Sarah,Gina,Casey,we haven't heard from you guys in a little while. Hope all is well.


angela1986 - October 1

Rebecca, its great to hear your doing well and those precious little babies as well. They are too cute for words. You try and get some rest whenever you can, and make sure you check in any chance you get, we want to hear how your doing and the babies. Crrodgers, im also glad to hear your feeling better, i am too! So all and all its a good day. Thats good that Cayden is eating better, and gaining weight. Maybe the lacaction nurse will offer some more helps and useful techniques to get him to latch. Did you have problems with your other 2 trying to latch on? Proudmommy, wow your past your due date, i would hate that lol. I thought 39 in a half weeks was horrible but i can only imagine. You poor dear! Try some spicy food lmao. Works like a charm ;). Lisa, i already wrote you back on myspace, but it just wouldnt be fair if i didnt respond on here lol, i cant believe how close your getting too. That little guy sure can come at any time. Keep me updated! We sure havent heard from sarah in a few days again, i know she was past her due date right? Lets hope shes holding her little one as im typing this. But good luck to all the ladies who are still waiting on that joyous occasion. Your time will come, enjoy every last minute of it. Because these memories are what we carry with us!


CaseyB - October 1

Congrats Claudia...he is beautiful! I had the same exact issues with b___stfeeding and Reese got down to 5lbs. 7 ozs. but now it is going great and she weighed 7 lbs. 11 ozs at 26 days old. Congratulations Tonia! Do you have a site with pics? Rebeccca - the twins are perfect! I love their names. Lisa - I check in often just cant seem to write much lately. Reese unfortunately caught a cold from my son and husband. It is just in her nose so hopefully she gets better soon. She is a month old today though and is getting big so fast! She still only sleeps a couple hrs at a time though. I read your post about the size of clothes to bring to the hospital and I would definitely bring a preemie outfit just in case. I had to send my MIL out while I was in the hospital to get preemie clothes because she was way to small for newborn. She is just now starting to wear newborn and they are still big. I cant wait to come on and read that sarah has had her baby and find out if she has a boy or girl! Angela - I am glad to hear you are doing well! It is hard to believe our babies are a month old already.


crrodgers - October 2

Hello Ladies! Hello Rebecca! Great to hear from you! I actually have a request from all of you. I have a very good friend of mine that had been trying to have a baby for over 10 yrs and she finally got pregnant with twins through Artificial Insimination. She is 25 wks and her water bag broke on her little boy. She is in the hospital now and they are just trying to keep them in there as long as they could (I guess the bag didn't break all the way). They say the babies are big enough to be viable outside the womb. I just ask that you guys keep them in your prayers so that they make it through, she wants these babies so bad!!! I'll keep you updated on her story, her name is Catalina. So, I went to work today! It felt GREAT!!!! I swear, life for me is so much better now without the belly! I don't remember feeling so "Normal" after having my girls! Angela, I BF both of my DD's with no problem! Everyone just keeps telling me that boys are lazier and that is the reason he won't latch on because the bottle is easier! Proudmommy....your baby might like that chicklet in your underwear....but the other thing down there may not be so comfortable!!!! LOL!!! I really hope she comes soon! Liss, I hope your lo comes soon too! Can you guess believe how fast time has flown by! I so remember taking that first pregnancy test and seeing a big "+"! It seems like just yesterday and now my LO is 10 days old!!! Angela and Casey....1 month old LO's! Can you believe how much they change in just 1 month! sey...are you b___stfeeding??? I really hope the lactation nurse helps me out with that! SO much cheaper!!! Well ladies, Cayden has a doc appt tomorrow so I will let you know if he has gained any weight! Good night and Good Luck to those still expecting!


socalmom - October 2

Hi all....I've been reading post, just not writing anything??? I'm just waiting for the last of us to have our babies...Lisa, Sarah, Angela and Proudmommy!! Rebecca the twins are beautiful and I love the names you have chosen! Congrats!! Claudia...Cayden is sooo cute! I hope the BF goes better for you, I'm still pumping and bottle feeding! It really sounds like going from 2 to 3 kids is going well for you! That is great! I'm just now adjusting, my mom just left this past weekend, so today is day 2 on my own! I hope all of you are holding your little ones soon, they really are bundles of joy!!! I swear my mom just giggled every time she held Hunter for the first couple of weeks!!!


Harriet - October 2

Congratulations to all of the new mothers! I've followed all of your progress since the SOP board & look forward to hearing a few more birth stories very soon! Socal, do you have pictures up? My hard drive crashed so I no longer have your page bookmarked. How's it going without mom to help now? = )


staci - October 2

Rebecca I didn't know you had pictures up until everyone was saying how beautiful they are! And they are so perfect! Are you still in awe? So happy for you and dh!!! Claudia I will be praying for your friend and her babies. Did you go back to work to actually work today? Socal don't forget about me! lol! How old is Hunter now? Hi Harriet! How are you doing? Casey I bet Reese is so pretty! So how much better are you feeling now? Lisa how are you? I am 33wks this week and can't believe it! At the most I have 7wks left! Yayyyy! I need to go, just wanted to say Hi to you girls and let you know I haven't forgotten about you! I had my shower over the weekend so i've been busy. Oh and Cluadia we did the onsie thing! I was so neat! We were going to do bibs but the store ran out of them! Anyway will post pics later! HOpe all is well with everyone. Proud mommy are you still pg?


lissica - October 2

Hi ladies. First i just want to say thanks to all of you who still pop in to say hello and keep everyone updated. I can't believe most of us have our babies already. So angela, you went in to labor at 39 1/2 wks? I will be 39.3wks tomorrow! I still remember how anxious you were waiting lol. Casey, wow 1month old already! Time is flying. I hope Reese looses the cold soon. I just love that name. Claudia, i will definitely keep your friend in my prayers.! I am happy to hear about you feeling so great at work. So life w/o the belly rocks eh?lol I don't remember what that is like. I honestly can't see this baby ever coming out. It just feels like i will be 9mo pregnant forever. Even in all my dreams i'm pregnant!!! Agh! Gina, glad to hear you are adjusting well with 2 kids now. Was it scary when your mom left or did you feel pretty good about it? I think i will be a bit worried when it's time for my mom to leave. Harriet!! So nice to see you pop in. How are you? Did i read correctly that you are pregnant? I do pop in sometimes to the SOP board but haven't seen your guys' thread lately. Well 5 days till my due date. I got some of that special raspberry leaf tea and am going to try it later on. Let you all know how it goes.


lissica - October 2

Oh hey staci, i must have been writing while you snuck in that post lol. Geez only 7wks left for you. It seems like just yesterday i was saying how i had 6wks left. How did the shower go? Get lots of nice things? I can imagine all the cute pink stuff lol. I will keep checking your site for pics.


socalmom - October 2

oooohhh staci I didn't mean to leave you out! I must still have some left over pregnancy brain or is it new mommy brain now!???? Your shower sounds like it was wonderful! I hope the next 7 weeks fly by for you!!


proudmommy4 - October 2

Lissica, I hope you have your baby soon, you're so close! Staci, that;s awsome you had a shower! This is my 4th baby and still never had one, lol. Not that I need anything. I guess my dr's bad joke about each baby taking a week longer came true! But, come on, I pa__sed 40 weeks, I should have this little bum by now! I'm gonna have quite the chat with her when she fnally comes, lol. No really, I'm just gonna cuddle the **** outta her. I can't wait. I just think, my 1st baby was born by this point, and was a month old! That's kinda freaky!


angela1986 - October 2

Hey socal thanks for dropping in. I already have my little guy though lol, i wasnt sure if you knew that or not. How have you been though? Loving mommyhood? Lisa, yeah i went into labor at 39 in a half weeks, when they kept telling me for a month that i wouldnt go on my own lmao. Boy did Austyn have a suprise for them, and i kept telling Df that i would laugh my a** off if he did come on his own, just to prove my drs wrong and he did so haha in their face. But good luck, i keep checking to see if you've gone yet, i cant wait to see your lo. Crrodgers i know, i was telling everyone at my work that i cannot believe hes a month old already. I swear it seems like 2 weeks at the most that i was at the hospital having him. I suppose thats why they say cherish these moments, because they sure do pa__s you by before you know it. So who do we have left, lisa your due in 5 days....................sarah, im thinking she had her lo she was due last week i believe and we havent heard from her, and then staci who has 7 weeks and counting lol. So "technically" 2 of you, because im guessing we cant count sarah since shes mia and cant tell us whats going on. Other than we all have our little ones. Its amazing to think back and see that we've gone through 11 threads like this. We all shared our pregnancies and its been great, and i know that it wont stop here. Although im thinking the thread is going to slow down a tad once our last two ladies have their lo's. But as long as we stay in touch and check in. I hope all is well with Rebecca and she's enjoying her little angels.


angela1986 - October 2

oh my goodness, im sorry i forgot proud mommy, whos little one doesnt want to come out and meet her mommy lol. Im soo sorry, but your due any day right? Have they talked about inducing you anytime soon? So we have 3 girls still in the running whos going to be next???



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