Calling All Fall Mommies Part 11

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angela1986 - October 2

oh my goodness, im sorry i forgot proud mommy, whos little one doesnt want to come out and meet her mommy lol. Im soo sorry, but your due any day right? Have they talked about inducing you anytime soon? So we have 3 girls still in the running whos going to be next???


staci - October 2

Socal don't feel bad! It's hard to keep up with everyone ;) Lisa I so can't believe you have just a few days left til your due date! I will be posting pics soon, can't wait for you all to see them. Proudmommy dang it! thought maybe you were outta here for few days! So ditto with the inducing question, how long are they gonna let you go over? Angela I can't believe Austyn is a month old!! Do you have any new pics up? Socal do you have any up of hunter? Angela lets pray i have less than 7 weeks! I want to see Graci so bad! I went over 6 days with ds and he was big, hoping she won't be as big ;) Well better get! Hope the rest of you are doing well!!


lissica - October 3

Morning girls. So i took some "special" tea last night and was hoping for some results but nothing lol. Proudmommy, i think it's you and me in a race for next to deliver. Although i think you will be winning lol. My doc said they won't let me go longer then a week past the due date before they induce me. Thank goodness. So i know i am guarenteed to have a baby in 1 1/2 wks. Staci, i do hope you have less then 7wks. Have you posted your baby shower pics yet? I couldn't find any on your site.


angela1986 - October 3

So we took Austyn for his 1 month check up, hes 11lbs!!! Good lord, hes getting so big. He was only 8lbs 12oz at his last appointment a few weeks ago. But they said he looks great, and is growing just like he should. It was so funny though, we were getting ready to leave and the dr was like let me see if we have any formula samples, because the way hes growing your going to need it lmao. Im like are you calling my kid fat? Shes like no, hes just growing so well. He almost 22 inches long too. They have to give him his second hepat_tis b shot, and i had to leave the room because i couldnt hear my boy scream. But all and all hes doing great. Staci, yes i have new pictures up the link is, so everyone can see him. The album is Austyn Ryan Edmonds. Im praying to dont have to wait 7 weeks to meet Graci, or that you dont go over. Have they said how big she is yet? Liss, no luck yet? TRy some spicy food, and take a walk, and some s_x lmao. I think those are about all the things i tried. But it is good to know regardless in a week and a half you'll be holding Nicholas. Too awesome.


socalmom - October 3

well it looks like I better stop now....I can't seem to get anything right!!! LOL!! Maybe I'm not as adjusted as I thought!! So I will just say good luck to all that are still due! and happy mommyhood to all the new mommies!!!


proudmommy4 - October 3

OMG OMG OMG,... I just got back from my dr, and I'm 4cm!! I told her I've been comtracting since this am, about every 10 minutes. She tried to rim my cervix, and said she can even stretch it to 5cm! So, she told me to just go home and walk, and I'll have my baby tonight! She suggested breaking my water right now, but I said no. If that puts me into labour that would be great, but if not, they still can give me anything to induce, cuz I had a c-sec with my 1st baby. I'm so excited, I keep fighting tears for some reason. I'm just gonna walk around and go as late as possible to the hospital. Cuz once I get there, they wont let me leave being over 3cm. I'll keep you all posted, wish me luck. I'm sorry I didn't get to any personals, I'm just trying to get organized here. I have to bring my 3 kids to a friends house, get them packed and stuff. I hope I'm makig sense now, I'm just so frazzled!


staci - October 3

YAYYYYYYY PROUDMOMMY! can't wait to hear your story! Lisa, gonna work on pics tonight ;) angela will check out your little man in a bit and socal I checked out yours on septembermommies piczo and he is too cute!!


lissica - October 3

Proudmommy!!! yay how exciting! Wow 4cm is awesome! I am sooo jealous right now lol. Best of luck tonight and i can't wait to hear from you in the next couple days. I'll say a prayer for you that things go smoothly. Angela, it's great to hear Austyn is gaining so much weight. No i haven't tried the spicy food yet but i think i might. I have been eating some pineapple though..that's supposed to help as well. Well i guess i'm outta the running for next baby lol. I had better still beat Staci lol.


tonia - October 3

Woohoo Proudmommy! good luck tonight! Lisa, you crack me up! Are really the last one of us to go? I mean, other than Staci! : )


staci - October 3

ok ok girls, i get it! lol! i'm the last one whaaaaaaa!!! Lisa I sure hope you go before me lol! Also wanted to let you know I just got my shower pics up ;)


lissica - October 3

Tonia, how have you been? Do you have any pics up yet? Yes i think it's just me and Staci left. I'm sure sarah has her lo by now. Staci,lol yours will be here soon as well. I love your shower pics. You look great and i love all the pink decorations. The onesies are super cute. Do you still have anything left to get?


crrodgers - October 4

Staci, can you remind me where your pics are??? Hello Ladies...Good Luck Proudmommy!!! I am at work, so I have to rush! Good luck to you too Liss....hope you have that baby very soon!


tonia - October 4

Hey there, if you would like to see Kenadi's newborn pics (taken at the hospital, she was 22 hours old!) go to birthprint dot com. The Baby ID is 169031, last name Lovato and State is Oregon. I am working on getting more recent pics of her posted on my piczo site today! I'll post when they are up!


tonia - October 4

Okay, I updated the Piczo site of mine with the most recent photos I have of Kenadi on my laptop! it is piczo dot com / ToniaLovato


lissica - October 4

Tonia, thanks so much for posting some pics for us to see. She is absolutely beautiful! I like the picture of her swaddled in that green blanket. So cute! How much did she weigh? She looks like a good size. Congratulations again!


tonia - October 4

Hey Lisa, she was 6 pounds 7 ounces and 18 inches long! Just a little tike! : ) Perfect size for Momma! : ()



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