Calling All Fall Mommies Part 11

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tonia - October 4

Hey Lisa, she was 6 pounds 7 ounces and 18 inches long! Just a little tike! : ) Perfect size for Momma! : ()


staci - October 4

Hey gals! Claudia my piczo is Lisa thank you so much for the compliments!!! I need to put a new belly pic up! It's been almost 4wks! Hi tonia!!!


proudmommy4 - October 5

Hey everyone, I'm back. I went to that chocolae fondu party last night, and it ended up it was my baby shower! Like, a week past my due date! Peopel here think it's bad to have a shower before the bay is born. I don't get that. Where I'm from a baby shower is while you're pg! Anyways, It was awsome! I have the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I didn't end up going to the hospital, cuz my contractions didn't pick up. But I woke up this am at 5:30 and was contracting every 2 min. I went to the hospital, and of course, they sloweddown. I was still 4 cm, and -3 station. So I walked around, then I was still 4 cm, but 0 station. So at least she moved down a bit, but that was all. My contractions were 5 min apart on the monitor, but not getting stronger. I told my dr I couldnt believe the monitor was even picking it up! So, I have an u/s in the morning, and an induction scheduled for the 10th. There's a possibility they'll let me 'sniff' some pitosin, and hope it kick starts i. I can't be induced like normal, cuz the risk of uterine rupture goes up too high. They want to break my water, but if that doesn't work I'm stuck with another c/s. I'm so frustrated!! If she doesn't come on her own before Wednesday, it looks like I'll have a c/s. Sorry for rambling on again, I gotta read up on the posts and do some personnals. I just need to get some sleep, I'm exhausted from 11 hrs at the hospital for nothing!


crrodgers - October 5

Proudmommy....I am so sorry you are going through this....I was prego with 2 kids and couldn't take it anymore...I can't imagine what you are going through. The one good thing is that when this baby is out...I promise you life will be so much easier! I'm sure you already know this but for me it is so much easier to have 3 children than it is to be pregnant with 2 kids! I wish you the best of luck on having that little one ASAP!!!! Staci, your guests were so creative!!!! Wow, you have some artists! You look like you had a great time!!! Tonia, Kenadi is Beautiful!!!!! My baby was 6 lbs 8 oz 18 3/4 inches and for some reason he seems so much skinnier to me! Kenadi has some little cheeks! Once again, I have to tell you how much I love her name! Liss, I hope your little one gets here soon! We have a pizza place locally that sells "prego pizza" I guess it's got some ingredients that induce labor. It worked for me on my first baby! The restaurant is called skipolini's, maybe you have something like that where you live. Has anyone heard from Frozen??? I's been quite a while, I hope everything is ok! She's probably holding her little one now! Anyways, we saw the lactation nurse today and Cayden is finally latching! The only problem is that I don't have as much milk anymore so I have to try and BF every 2-3 hours and pump for 20 minutes after I BF....It's gonna be tough and very time consuming, but I much rather BF! I bought a can of similac formula the other day and it was $27!! RIDICULOUS! So yeah, I'll do what it takes to BF!


crrodgers - October 5

BTW - my girlfriend who is having the twins whose water broke at 25 weeks ended up delivering both of them today. They are 1 lb 11 oz and 13 in (both same size). They are actually doing very good. Obviously they are not out of the woods but with prayers and God's help they will be home in a little over 2 months!


lissica - October 5

Hey girls. Proudmommy, yea it's weird how some people are totally for and some are totally against a before birth baby shower. I always thought it was better to have one before. Glad you had a good time though. Sorry to hear about the long day at the hospital with no results. I was certain you had that baby by now. I guess i could still be next in line even though i seriously doubt it. There is absolutely nothing going on here. :( Claudia, that is funny about the preggo pizza. I've never heard of that. Great to hear Cayden is latching on! I don't want to have to go the formula route either. I'm glad your friends twins are doing ok so far. I will keep them in my prayers. 2 days till my mom comes and i'm sooo excited! I haven't seen her for 5 months and it's also our thanksgiving this weekend so it should be a great time.


proudmommy4 - October 5

Oh Crrodgers, I'll say a prayer for your friend and her twins! I see alot of preemies survive at that age. I mean, I hear more that they survive then not, they have a good chance. Did they have to deliver both cuz one water broke? I don't know how that works. Lissica, ya, you might beat me to the delivery room at this point. Try some of that prego pizza if you have that near you too. I never heard of it, but believe me I'd order at least 2 if they had that here!! I hope everyone else is doing well, best of luck to the last of the pregos! LOL, I'll probably be the last prego! But that's ok, as long as everything turns out good in the end, right?


crrodgers - October 6

Poudmommy, you have no idea how much I admire you for having such a good att_tude being that you have three kids to take care of and being past your due date! I rhink I would have gone insane! Liss, I'm glad your mom is gonna visi. I don't know if I could do it without having my mom so close! She helps a lot with my older ones! Mom's are such blessings! Proud, I think what happened was that after her water broke, she started having contractions that they could no longer stop and they had to do a c-section b/c the little girl was breach. I haven't talked to her today, but I will keep you posted whn I get updated. Anyways, good luck and hopefully this is you lucky weekend!


lissica - October 7

Morning all. Well today is my due date and baby seems pretty darn happy in there still lol. I guess he has a week to come out on his own before the induction. I am really fine either way. I went this long one more week won't kill me. Anything new with you proudmommy?


tonia - October 7

Lisa, you have a great att_tude! I can't wait to see your little guy! Kenadi is doing very well. She sleeps great at night and doesn't cry a all, unless I aggitate her somehow! : () How are all the other new Mommies doing? Hi Staci!


crrodgers - October 7

Hello sure has been quiet lately....I bet Proudmommy has her little one in her arms already! It's not like her to not come on and keep us posted. Liss.....great attifude! I know how hard it can be to go past your due date but like I always say...there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Good Luck! Hey Tonia, my little man is wonderful too! You hardly know he is even here. He very rarely cries, all he does is eat, sleep and poop! He only cry's when I use a cold wipey to clean him or when he gets really hungry and I don't have that third hand to get him the bottle at that exact moment! I really couldn't ask for a better baby, especially with him being my 3rd! You know, we haven't heard from Frozenfeet in a long time...I wonder what she is up to! Hopefully she'll come on and keep us posted. Well, update on my friend. Her babies are now on oxygen, but they are still doing good and she is just recovering from her c-section. I cannot believe technology nowadays! 25 week old twins and they have every chance in the world to grow up and be healthy normal children! Thank God! I will keep you posted if there are any new updates! Hello to everyone have to come on and let us know how your doing! We can't let the fall mommies fade!


afireinsideamanda - October 7

well since im going to be a fall mommy i figure i might as well post here! im due to be induced wedsnday. going into the hospital tuesday night1130. im overdue , 40 w 3 d i believe. she was due wednsday. im 90% effaced, only 1 cm dilated... theyre going to use cytotec.. little madelyn wants to stay in there. ive done everything EVERYTHING to try to get her to come out on her own but no luck. :( not the way i wanted this to happen


angela1986 - October 7

hey girls, wanted to check in since i havent been around for a few days. The reason being, there was a fire at my house Thursday. Obviously im fine and Austyn is as well. Were staying with his mom at the moment so its not as easy to get on the net and talk to yall. Im soooo glad to hear that everyone is doing well, but i sure thought i'd see some more birth stories. Liss i cant believe your 40 weeks! Thats amazing. Little Nicholas just loves his mommies belly too much to come out and meet her in person. Proudmommy i sure hope your holding your little one right now, since we havent heard from you in a few days. Come back soon! Wheres staci? WE havent heard from her either, probabbly just the last trimester forgetfullness. Crrodgers im glad to hear your little man is doing well, and that the lactating nurse gave you some helpful advice. So hes bf now? Well girlies i have to go, good luck to all those still pregnant and we cant wait to see the los and to all the new mommies, i hope mommyhood is treating you kindly :). Talk to you soon, were supposed to be able to move back in next week sometime, but ill keep you updated. Take care


staci - October 7

Oh my gosh Angela! That is awful! Thank goodness everyone is ok. Did it do much damage? I had to laugh at the last trimester forgetfullness! To funny and so true! Graci has been a moving machine today and some of the movements hurt! Never did with ds, oh how each pgy is different! Lisa, hopefully your little guy will make his entrance into the world very soon with no induction! Claudia and Tonia good to hear your lo's are so good to you! Ok Proudmommy, it's been 2 days, you having or had your baby or what!? I sure hope so! Hi Amanda! Hoping your little madelyn will make her entrance soon! Well I guess either way it will be soon! 2 days to go! Well need to go and get caught up on everyone else!!! Hope you all are well!! Oh and Sarah/frozen, hope you are doing ok!


proudmommy4 - October 8

I have my baby girl!!! Sorry it took a while to come tell you all,... Friday I had my u/s, and it didn't go good. I was there about 1 1/2 hrs. After the tech was done, he told me I had to wait for the dr to come talk to me. Of course I freaked out, cuz last time I was told to wait for the dr at an u/s was to tell me my baby wasn't viable. So, I sat there for which felt like forever and freaked out. She told me the baby is measuring small, the growth curve is off or something, and is measuring 37 weeks instead of 41. Also she wasn't practicing any breathing movements at all, and the cord is all in front of her neck, but they couldn't tell if it was right around her neck or not. She said she thinks the baby should come out asap, and she called my dr. I left there, and my dr called me on my cell and told me to get to the hhospital as soon as I could. I had to come home and get my 6 yr old off the bus, and get someone to watch my other kids, and get dh home from work. So we got to the hospital at 7pm, admitted at 7:15, broke my water at 8pm, and she was born at 10:42pm. Short labour, but intense!!!! The cord was around her neck, arm, and body. Poor little peanut, but she came out screaming like I never heard before. Like she was mad she had to stay stuck for so long. She weighed 6lbs 10.5 oz and 20 inch tall. So, the u/s was wrong, my dr said she's like a 39-40 week baby, and the placenta showed that it was breaking down, not delivering enough nutrients anymore. She was considered large at 32 weeks, and estimated 7 lbs at 36 weeks. Her little hands and feet are like prunes, and her skin is so dry. She came out so clean, like she just had a bath, lol. It was obvious she was post-term. Another problem, she wasn't facing the right way, and they called in an OB to help. She appologized, and said she has to turn the baby, and doesn't have time to freeze me first, cuz usually they freeze the mother before a procedure like that, but the baby was getting decels and she had to come out. All is great now, I can't seem to put her down for long, and can't stop kissing her little cheeks, lol. Oh, we named her Taelynn Fiona. I'm not sure about her name anymore, what do you think??? I hope the rest of you left have your lo's soon, and I hope it all goes well! Crrodgers, that's such good news about your friend! It sounds like another happy story, which I can't get enough of. I'll post again soon, I'm just so exhausted right now. Sleep deprivation is such a mild term!


lissica - October 8

Well i had my turkey dinner yesterday and my mom is here so baby can definitely come out now! I something was happening in the middle of the night but nah. Tonia, great to hear Kenadi is such a great baby! That must help a lot. Claudia, your little guy seems to be just perfect too! They must be so happy being out they're scared you will put them back in if they are not good lol. Hi there afireinsideamanda, of course you can post here. I know how you feel. I have tried lots of things too but nothing is budging this little guy. I will be joining you with the induction in 1wk if nothing happens. Angela, that must have been a bit scary about the fire. Hopefully it won't be a big mess for you to go back to. Glad you are all alright though. Staci, so happy to hear you and Graci are doing so good. Yeah that is about when my baby's moves started to hurt me too. Once the stomach stretched out the pain went away. Proudmommy!!! Congratulations on your baby girl finally!!That sounds like quite a scare with the whole u/s thing. I would have been freaking!!!! I hope they don't scare me like that with something. I really like the name you picked out. I have never heard it before but it sounds really pretty together. That's cute she came out all cleaned off lol. Well i should go now...i hope to post something exciting soon! Rebecca and sarah..hope you are doing well.



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