Calling All Fall Mommies Part 11

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lissica - October 8

Well i had my turkey dinner yesterday and my mom is here so baby can definitely come out now! I something was happening in the middle of the night but nah. Tonia, great to hear Kenadi is such a great baby! That must help a lot. Claudia, your little guy seems to be just perfect too! They must be so happy being out they're scared you will put them back in if they are not good lol. Hi there afireinsideamanda, of course you can post here. I know how you feel. I have tried lots of things too but nothing is budging this little guy. I will be joining you with the induction in 1wk if nothing happens. Angela, that must have been a bit scary about the fire. Hopefully it won't be a big mess for you to go back to. Glad you are all alright though. Staci, so happy to hear you and Graci are doing so good. Yeah that is about when my baby's moves started to hurt me too. Once the stomach stretched out the pain went away. Proudmommy!!! Congratulations on your baby girl finally!!That sounds like quite a scare with the whole u/s thing. I would have been freaking!!!! I hope they don't scare me like that with something. I really like the name you picked out. I have never heard it before but it sounds really pretty together. That's cute she came out all cleaned off lol. Well i should go now...i hope to post something exciting soon! Rebecca and sarah..hope you are doing well.


frozenfeet - October 8

hey ladies, sorry for the suspense but I've been recovering from a 72 hr labor. I'll have to explain later but Boston Adam Marc is here! He came on October 3rd ot 3:35 am. He was 8lbs 7oz and 20 inches long! He came out with a fight but he was and is nice and healthy! I'll post the story later... hope you are all doing well! ~Sarah


socalmom - October 8

CONGRATS Sarah on your baby boy Boston (cute name)!! and CONGRATS Proundmommy on your baby girl Taelynn (cute name too)!! Lisa....your due date has come and gone....hope your little man comes soon!! Hunter is doing good, he will be 6 weeks tomorrow, he has a bad case of baby acne....yuck, but I still think he is cute!! lol!


afireinsideamanda - October 8



tonia - October 8

Congratulations Sarah and Proudmommy!


Megs - October 8

Congrats Proudmommy!!! :-) Lisa, I hope to see your little guy soon too! So glad to hear the rest of you are all doing well!!


crrodgers - October 8

Proudmommy & Frozen! I am so happy for you! Frozen, I was getting very worried about you! That is a whole lot of hours of labor! I went 36 hrs w/ my first... I can't imagine more than that! I can't wait to see pics! Proud, I'm sorry you had to deal w/ the stress of thinking something was wrong w/ your little one...Thank God everything worked out! Liss, anyday.... keep the positive att_tude and the time will fly will have your baby in your arms before you know it! Amanda, you too will have your little one before you know it, just wait and see, when you have her in your srms you will forget how miserable you were at the end of the pregnancy! Angela, BF is going ok, he has been latching on, but I am not producing a lot of milk, so I have to supplement w/ formula. The good news is that he is finally gaining weight...he was born 6 lbs 8 oz, went down to 5 lbs 14 oz and as of today, he is 6 lbs 12 I feel a lot better! Angela, I really hope you get to move back into your house next week, I bet it's hard not being at home w/ your new baby! Hello Socal, so how are you doing w/ 2 babies??? I think it was harder when I went from 1 kid to 2 kids, but it has been great from 2 kids to 3! Hello Tonia and Megs!


Ella82 - October 9

Congrats Frozen!! I have been checking this thread waiting for some news. Also lisa I will be still looking on here for updates on when your baby boy is born! 8 1/2 weeks till my lo is due it doesnt seem that long away but somehow i think that time will drag on!


lissica - October 9

Sarah, congratulations! It's so great to hear from you. I was getting a tad worried and i guess i was justified with a 72hr labor!!! Ouch! lol I really hope mine is not that long. So i was really surprised to see you had a boy. That just goes to prove i know nothing lol. Can't wait to hear your story and see some pics. Claudia, glad to hear Cayden is gaining more weight. That must be a relief. Ella, 8 1/2 wks left..Wow! That's fantastic! Time has sure flown except for this last week. (figures).


afireinsideamanda - October 9

my induction is tonight! 1130!


crrodgers - October 9

Good Luck Amanda!!!! Best wishes for an easy labor!


lissica - October 10

Hi girls! I just got back from my dr. appt and I am 2cm dilated!!!! I am so excited i never thought i'd hear the words. He has saved a room for me though for the induction on monday if baby still isn't here by then. He doesn't think i will last that long though. Please keep me in your prayers that he comes soon cus i'm getting soo impatient lol. Amanda, hope things went well and you are with your baby. Hope everyone else is doing super! Rebecca, i saw your new pics. Your babies are adorbale and you look awesome!


socalmom - October 10

Oh lisa that is so exciting.....heres to hoping you have a busy weekend!!! lol Good luck and I hope everything goes easy and great for you!!


crrodgers - October 11

Hello! Lisa, that is wonderful news~ I bet you are so nervous and excited all at the same time! I will send you some easy labor vibes! Keep us posted! Where has everyone been? We are getting so quite lately! Good news, my little man is finally taking the b___b! Now he doesn't even like the formula! My friends twins are still doing good! Proudmommy, what's it like having 4??? Hope everyone is well!


lissica - October 11

Hi girls. Yes i agree it has been pretty quiet here. I guess everyone is busy with their new bundles of joy! Hi Gina, thanks for the well wishes. How are you doing lately?Claudia, that's great news about Cayden not even wanting the formula anymore. Also great to hear your friends twins are doing well. So today i went to the bathroom and saw my mucous plug finally!!! I can only hope it means labor will start soon. Has anyone lost their plug and started labor soon after? I am trying to be patient but it's so hard.


proudmommy4 - October 11

Lisa, sounds like you're really close! I can't wait to hear your labour story! Crrodgers, that's great he's nursing, once they taste the good stuff, I can't see how they'd like formula ever again, lol. I've smelled hat stuff, and it's kinda gross. My little peanut is doing great, I just wish she'd eat more! I'm so engorged it's not funny. Last night I leaned over a bottle and got 6 oz off each side. I wonder how much a pump would give!! Speaking of, she's hungry, be back in a bit! Take care everyone, I hope you're all doing good!!



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