Calling All Fall Mommies Part 11

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staci - October 19

Hi girls! Well my appt went ok today. Graci is frank breech (feet up by her head), I have plenty of fluid (but not to much) and the placenta is way out of the way so she is a good candidate to be turned. We got to see her girly part again and it looked just like ours lol! So I said "SHEW! WE CAN KEEP THE ROOM PINK!" LOL! She was playing with her feet and moving lots and the tech said she has hair. Now get this, we got a good estimate on her wt. ARe you ready? 6LBS13OZ!!!!!!!! Might as well say I have a 7lber already! So if we do the version I have a feeling my dr will want to do it asap. I feel better about doing it now that I know things are in our favor. Anyway, I have a feeling we're going to have to do it because she is so big already and I have a feeling she doesn't want to budge on her own. It was sooo good to see her though. We got to see every part and she kept looking at us on the screen (i'm sure she wasn't really looking at us lol) So that's how my appt went, we will know more on Tuesday.--I'm gonna go and rest for a bit, going out for a little while tonight and have to work tomorrow (yuck!) so need rest!!


lissica - October 19

Staci, so glad to hear your appt went well and you are feeling better. That's great news about graci being able to possibly turn. That's nuts about 7lbs already! Wow! You must be getting so excited cus your time is just around the corner. I can't believe how far along you are already. These last few wks have flown. My mom left today and the house seems so empty but hubby and I are doing well with the newest member.This baby is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's amazing how much love there can be for something so small lol. Well i hope you are all doing well. Ella you are getting close too. 3rd trimester Claudia, how are you doing?


staci - October 19

Hi Lisa! It is crazy how you can love your baby soooo much! And it just keeps growing and growing! Sorry your mom had to leave so soon! I'm really glad though that she got to spend this much time with you all. So you two are enjoying your new roles as parents? I bet he is sooo sweet! And yes, It is crazy that Graci is almost 7lbs already! I am feeling better and better about this. I really think we can get her to turn with the version. I can't wait until my appt so we will know when things will happen. I can't believe how far I am either! I still can't beleive that all of you have had your babies already! It's so funny because I remember almost each and every one of you getting your bfps! Well better get, have to work tomorrow and I am soooo tired! I'm at the stage in this pgy that if I move my arms to much I get exhausted lol! Or if I just walk for a few minutes!


crrodgers - October 20

Hey Liss, Congrats!!!! I can't find the web address to your page...I would love to see your little guy! I've been doing really good! I've been very busy with work, kids and the big kid (my husband!) lol! It's definatley a challenge! My little guy is getting used to being held since I'm afraid to leave him down because of my 2 yr old....can't quite trust that she won't trip and fall on top of him!!! He is now exclusively b___st feeding...His eyes are looking light, like he may get my hazel eyes, we'll see! I just picked up pictures that I had taken of the three of them, so I'll put them on the sept mommies piczo page later...Let's start a thread on the infant care page! Staci, I'm so happy for you, I will keep my fingers crossed that you little one makes it into this world the good ol' fashion way!!!



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