Calling All Fall Mommies The End

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lissica - October 20

Hi girls. I guess this could be the thread that the last of our babies arrives in. How exciting! Best of luck to you Staci and all you new mommies...lets continue to chat!


crrodgers - October 20

How sad :(!!! Let's start a thread over at infant care! Good Luck Staci! I'll come back and check on you!


lmk - October 21

Hey, doesn't Fall end at the end of November? :) I'm 40 weeks today, and I already want to move over to the Infant Care board myself! I've been told that the average first time mom is 11 days late...that would make my lo's bday around Halloween!!! Hope not!


crrodgers - October 21

Liss, sarah ust posted...her pics are up at - Staci, I will keep checking on you and LMK we welcome all fall mommies so we will check up on you too and will soon be hearing from you over on the infant care forum.


staci - October 22

Hey Lisa, Claudia and lmk! Hope you girls are doing ok today! I have my appt tomorrow where I actually talk to the dr.s about what we are going to do. So I will let you all know as soon as I get back. Lisa sooooo glad for you that ds isn't demanding to much of you right now ;) Are you b___stfeeding? Is he doing ok at it (if you are)? lmk good luck girl! you don't have much longer at all! What is the thread called on the infant care forum so I can keep up with you girls?


crrodgers - October 23

Hey Staci, How was your appointment? Any luck yet, are you ready to come join us???


staci - October 23

Hi Claudia!!! Graci turned!!! My midwife says she can still turn again, but most will stay once they have! I feel so blessed! Also I am one fingertip dialated so 1-1.5cm dialated? and still firm. She said that I can maybe be induced in 2 weeks esp. if she is still being a big mover (try to get to her before she turns again) and since she is big already and I don't get an epi (love my midwife, she wants to make it as easy as possible on me). So I could have my Graci in 2 weeks, if not sooner-gonna get to work and some diatlation and effacement lol! Dh is gonna love this lol! I cramped for a while after she checked me too and have been having pains for the past 2 days (guessing that's when she turned), so maybe I can get a head start? How are you? Is your little man still treating you well?


lissica - October 23

Hey staci and YAY for graci turning! That's fantastic news! You must be so relieved. I bet she will stay this way now till the end. They don't have much room to move this late in the game. Not long now. 2wks will go by so fast. Yes i am b___stfeeding and it's going great. It had it's trials the first few days with the bleeding nipples and stuff but they are healed now and he latches well. (such a smart little baby :) )


staci - October 23

Hey lisa! Good to hear the b.feeding is going well! When i was bf ds he would fall asleep while eating and therefore pulling my nipple and he ripped it! yep, I had a small tear on my nip and it hurt so bad! My lactation nurse saved me! It took a bit, but healed! It's amazing what our nips can go though lol! Do you have any new pics up? Guess I could just go check huh? I went over to the infant care board to check on you girls a little while ago :) Does it seem weird to be there? Tell everyone that's not keeping up here anymore I said hello! and will see them soon!


lissica - October 24

Staci, ouch that sounds soo painful about the nipple. Right after i went out and bought some nipple cream they healed lol. Oh well it was only $10. I just put up a couple more pics on my site. Ya know, it feels great to be over on infant care. These have been long months but they would have been even longer w/o you girls and this site. I still haven't taken full advantage of not being pregnant. I have been drinking coffee and it's soo good lol but i haven't slept on my stomach yet due to sore bum. How long after you had your first did you bleed for? I can't wait till it stops.


crrodgers - October 29

Staci, I haven't forgottoin about you! How are you?


staci - October 30

Hi Claudia! I'm glad you haven't forgotten about me! I went and checked on you all 3-4days ago ;) I'm getting so close, I think I might just come on over there when I want to talk to you guys, do you think that's ok? That way all of you don't have to come over here for one person. I think I get to find out tomorrow when this little gal will be joining us! I think I'm gonna pop on over and say Hi!


lissica - October 30

Staci, ya screw this thead and come on over!!! We miss you!



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