Calling All Jan 06 Girls

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Dani - October 17

Hello- I havent been online much lately, been busy. When i got online i headed for the 2nd tri. Then realized that im 28 wks now, wow how time flys. I am due Jan 8th :) I got some recent U/S pics ! It was so neat. When we put the u/s machine on my tummy he had his feet in front of his face, we got a pic. Then he started playing with his toes. He put his feet down and was making a fist and opening his hand, and repeating.. it was so COOL! we also go a face shot, and another of his boy hood :) so cool! Is everyone getting excited.? Baby showers are coming up too,? when is everyones? Mine is Nov. 19th.. I cant wait. If you want to check out my pics, go here make sure you delete the hyphens out of the words... good luck everyone


Lia - October 17

Hi -Dani How are you. I guess I posted right after you. (January Mommies) I'm having my shower on the same day! Nov 19th. My mom and sister want to get it in b4 the holidays!


Jessica - October 17

I am also due January 8th with a little boy and am very glad to officially be in my third trimester. I already had my shower a week ago and it was great! We are naming our son Ryan Michael.


Raychel - October 17

Hey...I'm due Jan 6th. So happy to be in the 3rd tri. Im having a boy..not sure about the name yet. And Im having my shower November 4th. Im so excited!


Dani - October 17

Jessica- Did you get everything that you were wanting? I seen a post about how no one was getting stuff from there registary list..?? I am excited to be in my 3rd Trimester, and i cant wait to have my baby shower, that means he will be so close! We are naming our son Joshio Daniel Ivan Roman. Cant wait to see his beautiful face :) Lia- My mother is throwing my party and the same for us, she wanted to do it when i was far along, but didnt want to have it too close to x-mas or thanksgiving. Is this your guy's first? This is my first. I am nervous, but not of labor... I am a very planned person, and i just wish i knew what day my lil guy was really gonna come


MJM - October 17

Hello everyone. I am due between Jan 6th and 10th. I think it will happen on the 8th. This is our second child. Our first is a 4 1/2 yr old girl and now we are expecting a boy. Thank goodness. WE are so happy. I was going to have a baby shower but then decided that my life is busy enough the way it is and everyone I know will still get me something to help out. Dani- how cool about your u/s!!! I am half tempted to ask my dr for another one but she does one around 34 wks or so. Can you believe that we are almost done with the whole dreaded 20 Wks thing. How crazy. Time is really going to fly for us concidering baby showers (for those that are having them), then Turkey Day, then Christmas then New Years. I love this time of year because it truely does fly by. So i think that our 3rd tri will fly by. Good luck to all and will type to ya later.


Dani - October 17

MJM- did you go take a look at the pics? My dr. hasnt mentioned doing another U/S... I have to go to a radiologist for my professional U/S. My dr has a machine in her office, but it not certified to tell you anything. Like s_x, position, etc. I wonder if i will have a professional one done then? I wonder if it is to see the size of baby. She did say if i am measuring large on the tummy that she would do one, to see if a c-sec is ness. Yes I totally agree that this time is gonna FLY by. Its time to start x-mas shopping, then thankgsgiving.. and then hectic x-mas. and 2 wks later.. MY DUE DATE! scary!!!


mother777 - October 17

hi guys. i am due jan 10 with a girl, and my baby shower is dec 10th. about how many people is good to invite. i was thinking about 50. do anyone think that is too much.


Dani - October 17

I have about 60 on my invite list, i know they wont all show though. Alot are out of town but i got to invite so i dont hurt anyones feelings. i think i will end up with 30-40 ppls


MJM - October 18

Dani- Yes I did check out your pics. It is amazing what our little guys do while they are in there. The last few weeks for me have been HELL. I have really bad acid, CAnt hardly sleep, baby is CONSTANTLY moving, and I have been getting a lot of hard core braxton hicks lately, to the point that I have to breathe through them. I never had an ounce of morning sickness so I guess this is payback. Thank goodness I am not going through this in the middle of summer though. I dont see how they do it.


Jessica - October 18

To DANI- Yes we got everything we registered for and then some. I kept my registry pretty simple because I really wanted to get the things I really needed but this way I also got some nice surprise gifts. This is my second child but first pregnancy. I have a son who is 7 months that I have adopted from Korea. We are excited to be having two boys so close and hope that they will be the best of friends.


amber - October 18

hey my baby shower is november 19th to!! My due date is January 15th, we want to get the shower over before winter also, im having a girl!!


Lia - October 18

Amber & Dani - It looks like all of our families were thinking a like. Shower on the 19th (Nov) before everyone starts thinking about Thanksgiving and the Holidays! Amber - I'm due Jan 18th! Dani - This is our first! We don't know what we're having. My husband wants a boy. I don't know if I have a preference. Just Health and Happy Baby!


Ca__sie - October 18

Hi- I am 28 weeks now and had my baby shower on the 15th of Oct. I got lots of interesting and useful items. I had about 40 people there. I am having a boy and going to name him Braedyn Michael. I hope this time flies by fast, my due date is Jan. 8th.


Rachel.R - October 18

Im due January 16(docs pretty sure), im having a girl, well thats what my 20 week U/S said. My baby shower is on november 20th. Im so excited.. cant wait.


Dani - October 18

Jessica, Was it a hard process to adopt from overseas? My mom and I have a lot of adopted friends and family.None from overseas tho.


amber - October 18

hey that is cool i am having a girl, i do hope my bf is back from iraq before the baby is born he is due to come back middle of january, my due date is the 15th of that month but i just hope he is home soon after, he does to.



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