Calling All Jan 06 Girls

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amber - October 18

hey that is cool i am having a girl, i do hope my bf is back from iraq before the baby is born he is due to come back middle of january, my due date is the 15th of that month but i just hope he is home soon after, he does to.


Jessica - October 19

To Dani- It took 15 months start to finish. You have to go to several adoptive parenting cla__ses, get finger printed several times at immigration, have a physical done, have criminal background checks done, about a mound of paperwork, etc. All truly worth it! I have no problem doing the above, but I wish they could do the same for some of the bio parents I see out there. I feel very fortunate that I have been blessed to experience both adoption and pregnancy. Although I feel I am done having children, if I go for a third I think it will be through adoption. Before I got pregnant, I had thought of adopting a little girl from China. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE being pregnant and feeling my little boy kick inside of me :) Thanks for asking!


hjj4 - October 19

Hi, I'm due on January 12th, so things are getting exciting! I live in the UK, where we don't really do baby showers, but we're thinking about all the things we need and will soon be decorating a room for the baby. We don't know the s_x so will have to do a neutral colour. It's certainly going to be a busy time! Baby is moving quite a lot, so we're wondering if it's going to be a lively baby.


MJM - October 19

Now that we know "The race is on" where is everyone from? I live in Gardnerville, Nevada. Which is south of Carson City. I work in Lake Tahoe and the cool thing is that DR is 1 block from work and the hospital is 1/2 mile. So hopefully I go into labor while I am at work. I cant wait until Turkey day. Everything is going to fly after that. We have our Company Christmas party on Dec 3rd, my DH's company party the week after, my daughter Christmas program for school is the following week after that and then a week later is Christmas. Wow we are a busy group during December. Anyway where is every1 from?


Lia - October 19

I'm from Maryland, right outside of DC. Today I'm a little disappointed. My husband and I planned a babymoon to the Caribbean. We were supposed to leave tomorrow for 4 days in the sun. (The last trip before I am on travel restriction.) Well Hurricane Wilma has other plans for us. :-< Doesn’t look like we are going anywhere! Boo-hoo. :-<


To Lia - October 19

Where in Maryland? My dh and I lived in Greenbelt for 4 years while he was in dental school in D.C. I love D.C.! - Jessica


Swtpea - October 20

Hi JAN girls! I'm due Jan 5th!! Everyone keeps asking me if I'm tired of being pregnant yet... lol, uhm.. I have to say yes. My anxiety is setting in, ... and I want to get past the next couple months. I'm up ALL night with Heartburn off and on, even though I take Zantac with milk before bed, I sleep with a bottle of pepto on my night stand. Aches and pains I can deal with. Just had my dr apt this past monday, and Had my gluco test, RhoGam shot, and flu shot. Called me back in for yesterday morning to do the 3 hr Gluco test. They took blood 5!!, ... 5!!!! times. My arms are sore, ... 3 draws in each arm in less than 3 days, and 5 of the 6 were done all yesterday in a 3 1/2 hour period. My doctor told me I wont have an ultra sound again until later *shrugs*, but I have seen quite a bit of my lil guy. I posted a lot on second Tri as "idaho". I had placenta previa, but as my post read... it moved completely out of the way, everything seems healthy for now... other than the gluco test, which she said I 'll find out how that went either this afternoon or friday morn. I've been stressed about lots, ... and work is one of them, they were understanding until 4 others got pregnant... now its like compet_tion there... I wont be going back to this job after the baby, my fiance' and I have started a home business, that will bring in more than I make there. And we are actually starting it now. He said I could finish the month out and then quit ... take a few months off, be stay at home for a while and run the business!! YAY. If i wanna go back to a job after the baby I can, but its not neccissary. He's keeping his great job for benefits and future training (for the home business). WHEW long winded. I've had a baby shower, and have recieved a lot things from family that are in LIKE/NU shape from their pregnancies this past year, but I've also recieved lots of great new stuff, ... and lots of diapers and wipes, ... ALL I really need is a crib (which is supposedly coming from his family) ... a few more bottles, and a b___st pump, the rest I can handle with as it comes. ~*~*~HUGS~*~*~ Take care and I'll make sure I keep posting with you all here. Wonderful thoughts for you all, and your wonderful babies!


Swtpea - October 20

~BTW~ I'm from Boise, Idaho =o)~ if it wasnt caught on the 2nd trimester boards


Lia - October 20

Jessica, I'm in Mitchellville, it's about 15 mins from Greenbelt. I actually lived in Greenbelt from '94-'97.


Nikki - October 29

I am so jealous, everyone is due before me! I am due Jan 20th although I'm having a scheduled ceserean and will probably have the baby a week or so before due date depending on his growth. I still do not know when we are having a shower. This is my second and another boy so I'm not worried about clothes but I'm definately asking for a lot of diapers this time around! You can never get enough of those! I think we will wait until after the baby is born so my mother can be here for the shower too as she lives out of state. Does anyone else feel like the pregnancy has flown by until now? I know the holidays are supposed to make things go quicker but all of a sudden I feel like I will never be done being pregnant! Probably just impatience because it's so close, oh, well. good luck to you all and may the best girl deliver first!!!


lisa - October 30

hello, thought i might come and join you girls as im already overdue 8 days and at this rate could well be waiting untill january, and the october countdown group is down to three of us, so its not much of a group anymore. this is my first! hope your all enjoying yourselves.


Heather - October 30

Lisa - so sorry to hear you are so overdue. How long do they plan on letting the little one bake?My first was born on her due date and they are saying they may induce me as early as 39 weeks with this one (due Jan 30) depending on how things go (my placenta was dead when my first was born, so they don't want me to go over and risk a still birth.


Heather - October 30

lisa - I hope you go naturally, just as I hope too also (with gel if I need it, but I don't want pitocin!) We are currently living in Germany and the docs here won't talk about induction until 14 days over, but I'm seeing military docs. The only way I'll get to deliver on the economy is if the baby comes on it's own and our facility on base is full! Have you tried blue or black cohash? I took undiluted cohash with my first and walked around the mall and lost my mucas plug within hours. I didn't deliver for another 6 or 7 days but I only took it once. When I lost my plug I was still a little before my due date and I got scared!!! Chickened out on trying to induce my self!


lisa - October 30

been taking blue cosh (caulyyphlum) for two weeks but it doesnt seem to do anything.


Dani - October 31

I am from Coos Bay Oregon :) I went to my 30 wks appt on Friday. I got my flu shot. I have a large red bump on my upper right arm. My muscles are weak. But i guess that is better then being sick with a newborn. Lisa what is this blue cosh stuff? Never heard of it...? It helps induce or..? 10 days is what they make us go over in the US isnt it? thats what my dr said she would make me wait, unless i was swollen or having other probs. good luck gals :)


Heather - October 31

Blue cohash is something that they sell at GNC. I used it with my first. I took it a week before my due date and lost my mucas plug, but was too afraid of labor at that point and didn't take it again! Delivered my baby girl a week later on her due date.



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