Calling All Jan 06 Girls

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Heather - October 31

Blue cohash is something that they sell at GNC. I used it with my first. I took it a week before my due date and lost my mucas plug, but was too afraid of labor at that point and didn't take it again! Delivered my baby girl a week later on her due date.


lacie - October 31

Hi all I am due Jan 17th with a repeat c-section so I know I will not go past that date at least. Do you think you should still have a shower if you are having a baby the same gender as your first and he is only 3 1/2 yrs old? Has everyone's pregnancy gone by fast? We plan on naming our son Garrett James..


Dani - October 31

Lacie- Wish I knew for sure what actual date my lil guy would be here. But no i am not wishin for a c-sec. I would have a shower, but thats my opinion. Some ppl are really against having a second specially w/same s_x and so close. Although, styles change and so do nessesities :) *wink* good luck... Heather, is it all natural..? what does it consist of...? Is it a pill, liquid? Whats it taste like? when is too soon to take it?


Charity - October 31

Hey I'm due Jan 23 and my babyshower is Dec 10. I'm very excited but very scared to have my baby.


lacie - October 31

Hey Charity do you know what you are having? What worries you delivery??


Heather - November 1

lacie - I wasn't thinking of havinng a baby shower, I was just going to suck up the mistake I had made of giving most of our baby things to people tha tneeded them. Plus we are military and move alot, so we have to keep our household goods down. Anyway, we just relocated to Germany and a month after getting here we discovered we were pregnant. One of the girls here that I have become close to asked if she could throw me a shower. I'm just hoping she keeps it small! For me, it is just an extra way to socialize. If people bring gifts, heavens knows we can use them, if not, I'll appreciate them being there. My daughter is just over 2 1/2 - she will be about 35 months when the baby is born.


Heather - November 1

Dani- Blue cohosh is a root (best in liquid form with an alcohol base). Youcan get it in pill form and tea form. You don't want to use it before 38 weeks obviously, but also you don't want to use it if your anemic. I've heard of it causing problems in this case. There is more info on it and black cohosh on the internet now than when I had my daughter. I haven't been looking it up lately, but may before my due date - although doc is already saying they will probably induce about a week early.


lisa - November 1

i wasnt too sure on the blue cosh from what i read on the internet, but my midwife practice openly reccomends it to help start labour (if your ready) and they give it to women who are labouring slowley once an hour to keep it going, i also went to another chemist and they reccomended it too, and the local herbal shop, didnt do any good for me though, im 41 half weeks and going in today for induction, hopefully youll be able to read my story in a few days :-)


Dani - November 2

Congrats LIsa :) You will have a little bundle of joy in your arms soon !!! Thanks Heather for your response. I figured you couldnt start it too soon but didnt know how effective it was so that could make a difference in when you start it. Like Raseberry tea you can drink your whole pregnancy and it will help in the end :)



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