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MooBaby - May 1

Hello all you June Mamas! Nice to read this thread and get caught up with you! Allie, my feet are killing me too, by the end of the day I can hardly walk. Really strange... I went to get a pedicure the other day and it was pure heaven, I fell asleep!! HA! Anyway, my baby has been head down for weeks, but lately he is doing all sorts of weird acrobatics and its been painful. Very strange... anyone else experience this? I am due June 13th, but the whole time I thought it was the 16th! Dr. has me on the 13th. LOL! I had my first of 2 showers on Saturday and it was very fun with lots of baby clothes. This is our first, so me and DH will have to gets lots of baby stuff after the showers! (I am the first of my friends to have a baby, so most people want to buy cute outfits!) :) Anyway, nice to know you are all hanging in there and doing well. Good luck Tillie with finding your new home... I totally understand about wanting to NEST NEST NEST!


Chrissy - May 1

Getting really anxious and excited! I am due June 1st, but most of you know my story that I am expected to go early because of my incompetent cervix. I can't believe it's held up this long! Still working, but reduced to 4 hour days because of elevated BP. Oh Renee, I had to do that awful urine collecting this weekend. Thank goodness that is over with! I felt like I was tied to my toilet! Will find out the results tomorrow to see if the Blood pressure is better and the protein levels in the urine to determine if I can keep working. Keep your fingers crossed I can keep at 4 hour days, or even better, he decides to induce in the next couple of weeks! I am so ready! Somebody mentioned walking slowly! That is funny because my answering machine was set to turn on at 4 rings and when I got home from work today I reset it to 6 rings because I can never get there by 4 anymore. Especially if I'm upstairs~ forget it, I don't even try!!! My mom called the other night and asked how I was doing and I said I was really uncomfortable and she goes "Why's that?" I was like, MOM~ I am over 8 months pregnant, take a guess!!!


Tess - May 1

Just droppin by to say Hello to all the June Mommies!!! hang in there!


Renee-Marie - May 1

Hey all - sounds like everyone is doing well. Last night I had the worst sleep of my life. I have never tossed and turned so much before! I guess I got enough sleep though because I did not require a mid-day nap today. Matter of fact, I went out today from 2:30 til nearly 6pm! WHAT A REBEL I AM! Sort of makes me feel bad that I'm not able to go to work, but am now well enough to go shopping. Feels so wrong..... LOL! But as fun as that is, I can't have it all, so I'll tell you that I'm getting pudgy now (there's just no where else for all this weight to go) and I've got a pelvis that's seperating. It burns and stings and hurts so much sometimes. Glad to hear everyone else is doing ok considering we're all buldging. :-) Hang in there girls! We're almost there!


AML - May 1

I am due June 2nd with my first. It's a boy! I've had my showers already (2). Have almost everything we need. Hopefully will finish up with the shopping and the nursery in the next week or two. I have been having this horrible pain in the right side of my b___t, ciatic nerve? My feet and ankles are huge! They hurt so bad. My fingers and hands are going numb easliy and for really no reason at all....I think he is dropping/dropped. I have A LOT of pressure on my hips and v____a! EVERYTIME he moves I get a sharp shooting pain through my v____a! i have lots of energy but too tired to do anything....make sense?'m so ready now! (physically) I have to start evening primrose oil May 5th to help soften/ripen my cervic per the dr! I go back to see them May 10th. They will do my first internal exam then. Last week I had a fetal weight scan.....they said he weighs 5lbs (+ - a lb). He is head down too.


Allie - May 1

AML, I have heard of the evenng primrose oil a little on here, but am really not sure I understand about it...sorry if this is too personal, but I don't understand how you are supposed to apply it...


mia - May 2

hi june mummies,not long now iv'e got 7 weeks to go, 4 weeks left at work yippee.My little boy has changed his mind on the s_x of the baby, he's wanted a girl from the begining now the last week he says he would like a boy iv'e told him the same all the way through as long as the baby is healthy we will be lucky with whatever we get.


Yoko - May 2

To AML- You sound just like me. I due June 2, have had 2 baby showers and am having the same exact pains as you, however I don't know if it's a boy or girl. The sciatica nerve pain occurs daily when I walk and walk down stairs. Sometimes the v____a pain is unbearable that I have to stop what I'm doing. The first time I had it I thought I was dialating or having contractions. But my doc confirmed it wasn't and its only my uterus streaching. I'm tired of the pregnancy pains already and sometimes wish for the baby to arrive sooner. But only 4 more weeks and my life will change! This is our first so we're really excited and nervous.


Elizabeth - May 2

I had my baby! I've chatted with some of you before...but some of you look new. I was due June 7th...after being diagnosed with PIH I was put on strike bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. Then three days ago I was rolling over in bed at about 3am feeling very uncomfortable and alittle sick and suddenly my water broke. I swear I thought I p__sed myself I actually smelled and felt the liquid before I woke my husband because I was embara__sed I had peed all over our brand new mattress. When It finally dawned on me that it was my water and not pee I woke my husband called my sister in and took off to the hospital. At 34 weeks I was very nervious about the babies health and breathing and I cried all the way there. When I got there they said I must deliver so we settleed and and anticipated a very long night and next day. At 4:10 I started to contract regularly. At 5:00am I had an epidural. At 5:51am my son was born weighing 5lbs and 1oz and to my surprise and delight breathing on his own with no difficulty. I brought him home yesterday and we are slowly settling in today. Just wanted to share my birthstory and kiss this june forum goodbye. Qeuss I should have been chatting with the April mothers all along...Good luck ladies and have happy and safe deliverys.


AML - May 2

Allie, the way I was told was to take some by mouth and to stick some as far in my v____a as i could (the capsules)


Allie - May 2

Thanks AML. I'm thinking about trying this to soften my cervix come 36 weeks, but wasn't really sure what to do. I have a dr. appt at 34 weeks, so I will ask him to make sure it's ok with him, and then hop to the health food store to see what I can find :)


Allie - May 2

On another note, is anyone getting more frequent BH's? I have noticed in the last couple of days that i seem to get them all throughout the day, regardless of my activity level (I work at a desk, so I'm not that active most days if I don't want to be) - I'm easily seeing 2-4 an hour - nothing painful, but just wondering if this is a good sign? I'm really hoping that I don't go the full 40 weeks (38 would be great, wouldn't it?), and between baby being head down, my stomach dropping drastically in the last week, and the BH getting frequent, everything seems to be pointing in the right direction, but I don't want to get my hopes up if this is common for women who still go to 40+. Any of you that have been through this before have any feedback (this is my first pregnancy, so I'm learning as I go) :)


AML - May 2

I have been having a lot of BH. Especially within the last 2 days. Today I have been having a lot of them. The shooting pain thru my v____a isnt getting any better either. I have also notice some gasy like cramps in my lower stomach and lower back. I am going to CVS to get my oil capsules....the CVS brand is like $3.00 for 60 of them! I am going to start those Friday! I'm kind of nervous....what if they dont go far enough and fall out before they dissolve? would be embarra__sing! Today one of my co-workers told me my face looked extra fat today....and I noticed that this morning when I woke up. It doesn't look HUGE but it does look a little more "puffy" today....should I be concerned with that? I just feel "puffy" all over today! lol. I scheduled my tour for the Maternity Area today! I'm said it takes 1.5 hours....does that mean I have to walk that long???????? lol...ohhhhh geese! Get me a wheel chair! lol


AML - May 2

How many times did I say "today" in that last post....geese! lol


starr - May 2

Hi, ladies. Well I'm due June 17 and I am so so ready for my baby girl to come. She is sitting extremely low as if she's ready to come out now. Sometimes when she kicks pretty hard it's like she's screaming, "Get me outta here!" I can barely walk these days because she's sitting way down there. I have to see a cardiologist due to some chest pains that I've been having so that's adding to the frustration that I've been having lately with running back and forth to my dr's. office almost every week for something or other. Tomorrow I have to get back on the fetal heart monitor due to BH contractions and that I had lost 3 lbs which I'm sure I've gained back. They said everything was fine last wk. but they just want to make sure. I kind of want her to come early but not more than a wk or two. Strangley enough, my BH have lightened up some. I was having them pretty intensely every hour or so for the past few wks. Now for some reason they don't come as often and they're not as intense. Oh, well. I could turn this into a book here but I'll save some for later :)


Tillie - May 3

Congratulations Elizabeth! That's wonderful that your baby is home with you now. Dia -- I've been on maternity leave since January because I'd been commuting to New York City to teach every week (from Boston!) and I had some severe bleeding in the first trimester so my doctor said I needed to take the spring semester off. Because I'm faculty it's PAID--which is amazing! So I've been quite spoiled. It's great you're taking off the rest of the year. I'm already wondering how in the world I'm going to go back to teaching in the fall when my daughter is only 2 1/2 months old. I don't think I will...just getting up the courage to tell the department.



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