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Tillie - May 3

Congratulations Elizabeth! That's wonderful that your baby is home with you now. Dia -- I've been on maternity leave since January because I'd been commuting to New York City to teach every week (from Boston!) and I had some severe bleeding in the first trimester so my doctor said I needed to take the spring semester off. Because I'm faculty it's PAID--which is amazing! So I've been quite spoiled. It's great you're taking off the rest of the year. I'm already wondering how in the world I'm going to go back to teaching in the fall when my daughter is only 2 1/2 months old. I don't think I will...just getting up the courage to tell the department.


Tillie - May 4

Oh my gosh, there are AUGUST MOMMIES on here now!!!! Ladies, we are getting close...


Nita_ - May 4

Hi Ladies, just checking in to see how everyone is doing! --Elizabeth--congratulations on your new bundle of joy!! -Tillie- oh my god was exactly my reaction too! can't believe they are here already! Time is surely flying by. Well, we went shopping a little over the weekend and then again went back to babiesrus on tuesday. Finally, after chatting with the customer rep there, we learnt all about car seats/strollers (or whatever we could take in that day!) and ended up buying a travel system. I think it's the graco quattro one. We tried the eddie bauer one too, but boy, it was much harder. At least the model we tried there. Of all the colors etc, we liked graco one the best as well. We bought bath stuff (shapoo, wash, lotion etc) & diapers too (newborn size). And bought about 10-15 cute little outfits that we couldn't resist putting away. Got all sizes NB to 9 months (caz I learnt how soon babies outgrow these things!). But was wondering about the day to day clothes. The onesies and others that we looked at are only upto the diaper part..i.e. no legs. But whichever book I read talks about buying onesies. Do i have to buy separate pants for them else wouldn't the baby feel cold? As you can tell, i'm a first time mom. So let me know your thoughts!


Allie - May 4

Hi ladies. well, my office threw a baby shower today for me and a co-worker who is also expecting in June, and it was wonderful! It was just so great to have all those people excited about my little girl (not to mention I was overwhelmed with the quant_ty of gifts) - what a wonderful way to celebrate this time in our lives :) I have this HUGE stork balloon over my desk now - I can't wait to take it home and show my husband!


Renee-Marie - May 4

Showers! Showers! Showers! Everyone is having their shower and I have no idea when mine is! I'm really excited to put things together and get the nursery finished... I feel like everything is on HOLD until my shower! AHH! ALso, my baby doesnt' seem to move as much now. I feel him rolling and pushing, it's not as strong nor as frequent as it was just a couple of days ago. Anyone else experiencing this? I am due June 20th, so I have a bit more to go. ALso, I think this baby is transverse (Sideways) across my belly. Anyone else have that also? how do I get him to turn so I don' thave to have a C-section???


Tillie - May 5

Renee, have you asked your doc how the baby is positioned? My doctor helped me feel the body parts of my baby, particularly the head which is way down low--this really helped because I thought she was completely turned the other way! And I am with you on the slowed movement--I miss all those kicks! Now it's wiggling off an on throughout the day, but nothing all that strong. I guess they're just so squished now they can hardly move! Poor babies...


Nita_ - May 5

Yeah I can't wait for my shower as well. All I know is its the weekend of 20th. And we are kinda waiting to see what gifts we get from the shower before we buy everything ourselves and have duplicates of the items. My baby has been moving around quite a bit even now, although it has changed from kicks to rolling/squirming it seems like. I did hear from my midwife that babies movements get slower as the days go by..which is explainable, they hardly have any room!! My stomach though feels like its stretching big time today! I have this stretchy feeling all the way at top right underneath my b___sts! Thank god it's friday, i can leave early from work and then rest extra over the weekend!


Tillie - May 5

Ugh. I just returned from my 34 week check up and it seems I've lost six pounds since my last appointment 2 weeks ago. And at THAT apointment, I hadn't gained any weight since the one before, so now I'm starting to worry. The doc is making me go for a sonogram to make sure the baby's ok and growing--though she claims the baby feels "good sized" from feeling around with her hands. I'm kind of freaking out. Has anyone else lost weight?? What have your weight gains been like in the third trimester? (Btw, this makes a total of 23 pounds gained for me.)


Lindsey - May 5

Tillie, I have actually lose 6lb now since the beginning of my pregnancy. Although i did weigh 266 pre pregnancy so my midwife said it would be quite normal for me not to put any weight on.


starr - May 5

Well, Tillie I had lost 3lbs in one week. So they put me on the fetal stress monitor to monitor her heart rate and she was fine. I have no idea why that happened but I'm sure I have put those lbs. back on since then plus a little extra.I'm due June 17. I have been having lots of BH contractions and and pain right above my pubic area like she's sitting right there just waiting to come out. We still have six more wks to go so even though I'm ready and can barely walk I want her to stay in there and marinate a little more. When i went for my 2nd fetal stress test my baby's heart beat was about 140 which it usually is anyway so she was probably just relaxing. Well the dr "buzzed" her and her heart rate jumped to 180 in about 10 seconds I was so upset that I wanted to cry. I wonder how does that feel to the baby. Has anyone else had that done? He was trying to get her to move around so he could get a better heart rate but I thought that it may hurt to her or be uncomfortable. She was very jumpy after that and I watched her little heart race for about 10 mins. after that.


lindsay - May 8

hi all...haven't posted in awhile... how is everyone feeling? i'll be 36 weeks on tues and am def "feeling it " if you know what i mean! i go to the dr.s tomorrow ( i go every monday, well have been for months) for appts. and nst's started at 32 weeks, so i spend a good amount of time there. plus, i get ultrasounds every 2 weeks, but i LOVE sseing my little girl in there... i swear she's going to look like her big brother =) he's totally counting down, can't wait for his sister to arrive... he always hugs and kisses my belly, it is so sweet. i told him 8 months ago his sister would be here shortly after his birthday... his b-day is may 19th, so he is so excited because now he has a little bit of a timeline to put in oerspective, lol... i know i'm crazy for saying this, but i hope she goes all the way to june 7th or later cause i want as much time as possible between their birthdays... i already feel so bad that they are so close!! (don't want them to have to share as kids and feel jipped!) well, i'm still working all the time, don't know how much i can take..ahhh... i went to the chiropractor for a neck problem and discovered it was way worse than had thought and he doesn't want me to work since i stand and look down all day but my short-term disability doesn't quite care what my chiropractor thinks...=( he just wants to get me fixed before i deliver.. and today i started getting this very acute pain on my right side... has anyone else had this!!?? it hurts sio bad... all i can figure is ligament stretching, although it doesn't feel like the normal stretches i get that are intermmitent... it is a constant "burn" that only subsides a little if i lay on that side... so weird... and i don't see how i'm going to be able to work through that c___p!!! starr--what in the world do they "buzz" with?? i have nst's every week and even when they are not seeing what they want to see, they never do anything like that!! well, hope you're all as good as can be expected and look forward to reading your updates...


cyndrz632 - May 8

Hey ladies! I am 32 weeks pregnant and 3 days!!! I am due June 30th!!!!


Renee-Marie - May 8

LINDSAY - the burning feeling may be your pelvis seperating. I have been having that lately. Seems to be more prevelent in the evenings - don't know why - but it feels like my pubic bone is on fire! My Dr. Said that it's the pelvis seperating in preparation for labor. Try putting something cold on the area. That works for me. Feel well!


Nora1 - May 8

Lindsay and Renee-Marie - Hi! I have been having lots of pressure now and sometimes it is accompanied by a burning feeling down very low. It usually happens along with the pressure, but I mentioned it to the dr just in case it was a sign of infection or something like that. I was told that the burning feeling is caused by nerves and that the baby is pressing on a nerve when I experience this feeling. Maybe yours is different, but you might want to consider that...


ClaireA - May 8

Starr, I had the same experience with my fetal non-stress test last week! The baby's heartbeat was about 140 for 30 minutes, then they buzzed the baby, and it shot up to 180. I almost started crying, it was very upsetting to me. I have to go back every week from now til my due date (same as yours, actually, June 17). Why are these tests done? I was told I have to have them because the baby is weighing in smaller than average, so they want to make sure everything is okay. (by buzzing the baby?!) Unrelatedly, anyone who is in need of a little (more) sympathy from your husband, try this. I was doing some arm weights last night, and my husband spontaneously got the idea to hold a collection of our weights in his hands to equal 26 lbs (the amt of weight I've gained) to "see what it's like for me to carry the baby." He held the weights at his stomach, and then looked at me with absolute horror before exclaiming he had no idea what I had been going through. He ushered me to the couch, administered a foot rub, and later made me a hot fudge sundae. Ha!


Chrissy - May 8

Claire- I love it! That's about what I have gained too so I am DEFINITELY going to have my hubby do that too! I love it!! I will be 37 weeks this Thursday. I find out Wednesday if he is giong to induce because of High blood pressure and low fluid. I don't know what to think . I want the baby out, like we all do, but yet I always thought about how exciting it would be to go into labor or have my water break and be like "this is it!!!" If I get induced, It's a little too planned for me. But yet, I should be thankful to have this over with a little bit early too. I'm just confused, but I guess it's not really up to me is it. Is anyone else having groin pain, inner thigh pain? It's not my pubic bone, too low for that. Sometimes its the front of my thigh, way up high, sometimes right way up in the inner thigh, and sometimes around the back, like on the b___t bone we sit on?? I have been having this soooo bad for about a week now! Help!



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