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Chrissy - May 8

Claire- I love it! That's about what I have gained too so I am DEFINITELY going to have my hubby do that too! I love it!! I will be 37 weeks this Thursday. I find out Wednesday if he is giong to induce because of High blood pressure and low fluid. I don't know what to think . I want the baby out, like we all do, but yet I always thought about how exciting it would be to go into labor or have my water break and be like "this is it!!!" If I get induced, It's a little too planned for me. But yet, I should be thankful to have this over with a little bit early too. I'm just confused, but I guess it's not really up to me is it. Is anyone else having groin pain, inner thigh pain? It's not my pubic bone, too low for that. Sometimes its the front of my thigh, way up high, sometimes right way up in the inner thigh, and sometimes around the back, like on the b___t bone we sit on?? I have been having this soooo bad for about a week now! Help!


lindsay - May 8

i went to the dr. today and asked about my pain yesterday, and she said it was most likely round ligament stretching, but i also think it could have been the nerve thing you were talking about, Nora1. Renee-Marie... i don't think this particular pain is pelvic seperation b/c it was not that low (was adjacent to belly b___ton on right side, about 3-4 inches away) but i SO know what you are talking about... i get that sometimes, right on my pelvic bone! it burns but it usually doesn't last too long... what i had yesterday went on ALL day and got really bad the more i moved around. on another note... i had my GBS test today and Oh MY God did it hurt !!!i must have been SOOO dry because it felt like that little cotton swab was ripping up my v____a as she swabbed me! yeep! wasn't expecting all that, LOL!!!


rachel_renee_20 - May 8

Im due June 17, back pains are horrible and to keep getting worse, Ive dropped and Im a little scared she'll come too early don't get me wrong I want her to get here asap but I want her to come happy


Nita_ - May 9

Hi Ladies, hows' everyone doing. Well, we finally got to see the dreaded video at the childbirth cla__s last night. Oh boy, it was a little scary! Especially seeing the woman in pain! And then the instructor also showed/pa__sed around the forceps,vacuum, this electrode monitoring thing etc and it kinda scary me. Hopefully none of these will be used when I go into labor and the baby will come out naturally. But if complications arise, I don't mind as long as the baby & I are getting the best care. We have one more cla__s left next week where we get to tour the hospital maternity ward & rooms and some more video. She also showed us some breathing exercises and practiced them at each cla__s, but honestly, I already can't remember the 1st two she taught! No wonder my friends had told me they could not remember any of it when they were in labor! I'm worse than them! LOL! I'm definetely getting bigger, although I can't believe I have about 6 more weeks to go and I could gain more weight! Sheesh! Although reading a couple of posts here, some of you have lost lets see. For now, most of my weight is on my tummy, its like a GIANT basketball! I went shopping for some summer clothes over teh weekend and boy, was I disappointed. I really wanted to buy some skirts/dresses, but the cute ones I tried were either not looking so great on me or they were too tight either on tummy or my behind or both!! so came back home with just one top. I really want to buy a dress for my baby shower! Want to check out a couple more stores this week. We've been doing a lot of baby shopping as well! Bought lots of stuff, but still have a few more to do. And then have to pack my bag also in case our little one decides to come early! I wanted to check with you ladies, have you been experiencing pain right below ur tummy, it seems like round ligament pain. But it seems to intensify when I walk and that's making my not-so-frequent afternoon walks pretty difficult. Sometimes even when I'm going back home, walking back to car makes the pain so bad that I dread sitting in the car and driving 20 mts to get home! Anyone else experience this? And oh yeah, I've gotten very emotional these days. I seem to start to get angry/cry very fast! these pregnancy hormones are acting up! lol!


sarah j - May 9

Hey ladies..Right now im currently 34 weeks pregnant today and i cannot WAIT! my due date is around June 20th threw June 23rd. I dont know what im having yet..and i cant wait to find out what it is and what it looks like. Right now i work on my feet 12 hours at least 36 to 48 hours a week and its very hard but its something that has to be done. i have been very lucky threw my whole pregnancy. I didnt have one day that i threw up and i only had a few days of being dizzy and lite headed..which im very thankful for. But...these last two months i have a feeling are going to get to me. In the past 3 emotions have gotten very bad. I will start to cry like out of no where for no reason and ill cry like someone has died. Its sad i dont know why and its hard becuase right now my boyfriend doesnt live with me..and i have to deal with these emotions basically by my self..and its reallyyy reallly hard. Working at my job is really hard and its hot so its tends to make me feel worse. Every day that im working i will get dizzy or feel like i have to throw up and i get really bad pressure..but on days off i feel perfectly fine. I think that its the heat and the type of work i do. I plan on working till the last day i can so that i can have the most time to spend with my little angel. Hope everything is going well for you ladies..HANG in there were almost done!


starr - May 9

Hi, ladies. Claire, the dr. said I had to the the nst because I was having contractions. I only had to do it twice though not every week. I really don't care much for this particular dr though because he likes to "tell" me instead of listening to what I'm telling him. He made me so mad when he told me that I didn't feel my baby moving at one of my appts. because the nst showed she was unresponsive. What kind of c___p is that? I was so upset with him. So now I have to be a little more aggressive with him so he will shut up and listen. Anyway on Thurs. I have to go for an echocardiogram due to irregular heartbeats. I haven't had any chest pains lately but I want to make sure everything is ok because I know some horror stories about heart problems and labor. I can hardly wait for my little angel to get here. I think she is ready too because she is sitting so low right on top of my pubic bone like she is going to come out any time now. My due date is June 17 but I don't think I will go that far. I started having BH Sunday evening every five mins. for about an hour and they were a little more uncomfortable than usual. I really thought she was coming then but the BH went away when I ate. I'm actually having one right now. I bought her a couple of cute little dresses on Sat. I just couldn't resist. I still have to finish shopping for the basics for me and for her. It's about time for me to start packing for the hosp. Sara J, they buzz with this little hand held thing about the size of a pair of electric hair clippers and it kind of sounds like that too. It didn't hurt me but it was very disturbing. Well, girls take care.


sarah j - May 9

Starr...sorry but i dont understand this comment. haha..Sara J, they buzz with this little hand held thing about the size of a pair of electric hair clippers and it kind of sounds like that too. It didn't hurt me but it was very disturbing...


starr - May 9

Yeah, sorry Sarah that was meant for ClaireA in response to something she said.


mommie2b - May 24

hi I am due june 8 with a boy and I am so miserable I am so ready to see him and hold him and I can not wait. I haven't had one pain at all so far anyways. no babyshower here but my family has gotten alot of things for him so I told them I did not need one.



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