Calling All Oct Moms OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN Part V

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Barb - October 10

ok...much :)


JB - October 10

Barb - We were all getting a bit worried about you. How are you feeling today? Ranya - did your doc say anything to you about the size of the baby?


Shannon - October 10

i just wanted to be the first to write something in here. :-) anyone notice that it's been quiet lately. everyone must be having their babies, i'm jealous. lol i couldn't sleep again last night, i probably got like 4 hours of sleep last night. then when i woke up at the crack of dawn i started gagging for some reason, which made me throw up. it was like having morning sickness all over again!! anyway, at least i have a dr appt today, hopefully something good will come out of it. btw, 13 days left til my dd!


Shannon - October 10

darn it!! lol too slow


Dawn - October 10

Morning ladies!! Im still here. No baby!! 4 days to go. I will be induced Fri @ noon.


Mary - October 10

Shannon, I am feeling just like you. I do not know how I will endure the time left - I have 20 days to go. The last month is truly the longest!


Dawn - October 10

As far as contractions and so forth, I dont think I have had any. Last night when I was sitting on the couch, I had a few incidences where it felt like there was a punch or movement in my groin area more to the hip sides. There was also gas like pressure but no gas. Is this some type of contraction?? I know the baby has dropped and I feel a great deal of pressure from that but not constant. I have not lost my mucous plug that I am aware of and only fingertip dialated. I was told last week that my cervix is beginning to thin.


Barb - October 10

I wish I was having my baby...I'm still here having my contractions and getting annoyed. I posted on the "part 4 thread" before I started this new one...I spent the day with my husband and our children, Sunday is family day for us bc it's the only day he's home :) I was almost in tears last night and this morning bc there is SO much pain in my pelvis and hips...I don't know what to do anymore. I just can't sleep long at all. And this morning I've got more "menstral cramps" going on and they hurt ...... I was just never this uncomfortable with my other 2...and I'm so ready to be done. 11 more days to go (hopefully sooner) :( DAWN.... what you're describing sounds more like pressure from the baby and the baby is sitting on nerves, you'll know when you're having's like a "wave" that starts in your back and comes around to your abdomen and your belly gets ROCK hard. ..then the wave pa__ses and it's over after about a minute. I know you're getting induced on Friday, but when was your dd again??


Jl - October 10

Well ladies, I too am still here. I had a few bouts with contractions last week, but now I see no signs of labor. I'll probably go over my dd and have to be induced. 9 days til my dd and I go back to the dr. tomorrow, so hopefully I've dilated more or something! I wish they'd just break my water tomorrow and let me get started...I mean, the baby is fine, I'm 2 days shy of 39 weeks. Good luck to everyone, I hope someone has their baby today!


Barb-Dawn - October 10

Good to hear from you. Sorry you are in so much pain. I hope for your sake that precious lil one will come on out. I am actually due 20th next Thurs. My doctor is in with 3 others and this is his upcoming weekend on call. He wants to be the one to deliver so that is why he is inducing. I see him Wed and he will check me one more time to make sure all is favorable. I guess I still have had no contractions. Plus the only way we came up with my dd is the first 6wk1d us that said 10/21. The one I had at 8 wks said 10/20. I have not had a period ssince last Oct so I have no idea when I really got pregnant. It was just a god send. I actually kept thinking I was a little farther alon BUT since nothing is going on, I guess I wasnt.


Barb - October 10

I'll second that Jl...LOL... it's really getting to be too much. Hopefully you'll have good news tomorrow at your doc. appt...keep us posted ...and don't say you'll go over your dd!! hogwash!! hahaha...think positive :) you've been contracting too, so I'm sure you're moving right along also... =)


Silvie - October 10

Hi guys...I am due Oct 24 now, my doctor moved my dd date three days back. So still 2 weeks to go! Barb ..wish you have your baby ASAP since you are in so much discomfort lately. Dawn ....good luck on Friday, will be thinking of you:-)) As for me I am still not having any dramatic contractions,just normal BraxtonHicks(pain free). The baby moves, but much less "hard"(meaning no big kicks,just pushing )...I guess it is b/c it is getting too cramped in my tummy. Dawn - October 10

ohhh,ok....well my doc. went on vacation this week...wish she would have said "lets induce" before I go.. haha..oh well. I'll keep you in my prayers :)


Barb - October 10

oh GEEEZZZ Silvie...why did they move your dd BACK??!! so sorry!! I mean what difference does 3 days make?? The way I'm feeling right now I would back-hand my doc. if she did that to I guess it could be worse...they could have moved it back by weeks...YIKES!!


Tonia - October 10

Well welcome back Barb. I was hoping to here you say I HAD MY BABY! You've been going through so much pain, bless your heart. Well I'm still hanging in there, 5 more days to go or shall I say 6 my DR. say the 16th but I say the 15th. My mom called me this morning to tell me that my cousin had her baby yesterday in Houston, Tx. I wish it was me. Everyone is calling like crazy but I have no good news to give them but I'm still hanging in there. I feel like I'm going to go over my dd. Seem like everyone is having to get induced or have a C-section. I want to be able to push don't want a C-section at all it is a very painful thing after trying to recover. My next appt. is on the 13th and I'm hoping my DR. do an internal and disturb my cervix so I can start to contract. I have'nt had any contractions at all. I feel like a kid in December looking at all the presents under the tree and waiting on that big day.


Valerie - October 10

Hey all welcome back Barb but I wish it was on better circ_mstances like you had your baby!!!!! I will still be praying for you. Is anyone having a hard time driving??? It is almost too painful to hold onto the stearing wheel due to having contractions from the position it puts me in. I cant lean over to change the radio or anything!!! It is driving me nuts.


Shannon - October 10

i'm not having trouble driving so much as fitting behind the wheel and getting in and out of the car. i just got back from my 38th week Dr appointment. it was rather uneventful, as always. am i the only one who's doctor doesn't check my cervix or anything? he just listens to the heartbeat, measures me and says my weight, blood pressure and urine are all normal. then i ask any questions and i'm outta there. as much as i hate anyone other than my hubby doing anything down there, i'd really like to know if i was dilated or anything yet. i keep trying to bug my hubby to check my cervix but he won't do it, which bugs me. if he can stick his you-know-what down there why not his fingers! if i could actually reach over my belly to do it, i would. anyway, now i'm just ranting.



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