Calling All Oct Moms OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN Part V

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Shannon - October 10

i'm not having trouble driving so much as fitting behind the wheel and getting in and out of the car. i just got back from my 38th week Dr appointment. it was rather uneventful, as always. am i the only one who's doctor doesn't check my cervix or anything? he just listens to the heartbeat, measures me and says my weight, blood pressure and urine are all normal. then i ask any questions and i'm outta there. as much as i hate anyone other than my hubby doing anything down there, i'd really like to know if i was dilated or anything yet. i keep trying to bug my hubby to check my cervix but he won't do it, which bugs me. if he can stick his you-know-what down there why not his fingers! if i could actually reach over my belly to do it, i would. anyway, now i'm just ranting.


Barb - October 10

Valerie...thanks for the prayers..keep 'em coming bc I can't take much more of this...ugghh...Driving is hard for me too!! actually, my husband modifies cars (has his own business) so he lowered my car and it's getting IMPOSSIBLE to get in and out of..haha! When I tell him I want a "normal" car, he says.."stop your whinning" geezz... I just want to strap a bowling ball to HIS gut and see how he hubby won't check mine either! lol... I want to try and check myself, but not only can't I reach...but I don't have the guts either...sound crazy?? I go back to the doc. on Fri. and it will be somebody new since my doc/'s on vacation this week...hopefully I'll just have my baby before then!


Barb - October 10

I feel the same way Tonia.... =)


Valerie - October 10

I go to my 38th week appt tomorrow. Last week it was a bust no dialation or anything so I am not going to get my hopes up for this one! And I know it is almost over but oh my god I have had to buy clothes so much I bought all extra large pants last time and I am growing out of them now!!! I thought I would be good to go sice I only had 1 month left but they are almost too uncomfortable to wear now and it has only been 2 weeks. I wish I could wear my husbands pajama pants to work everyday that would be great or better yet not work at all for now!!!


Heidi - October 10

What a miserable day. Thank god it's Columbo Day and we're not working. Hee hee! Barb, I totally feel your pain. I'm having a day like you. Ever since last night I've been having major cramping in my pelvis again. Must be that imaginary UTI. Ha ha! And it's really getting sickening. It hurt so bad last night I just ended up going to bed and it went away. It seems like sitting makes it hurt the worst and when I get up it just cramps right up and I have to walk it out. I took the dog to the beach today and was just miserable. It's only 60 degrees today and I'm out in shorts! I went to get out of the truck and got a sharp pain and twisted my ankle cus I almost fell out of the truck. Christ! Then when I got home I bathed the dog outside with the hose and the water felt great. Of course he had to make it hard for me and ran around like an idiot and made me chase him. What a sight that was. I'm all swollen too. Feet, hands, face. It sucks. I have an appt tomorrow and I'm sure she'll say, you're not dilated yet. Gees! I just want this over with! None of my pants fit comfy so I'm wearing jogging shorts around the house. I won't let the fiance turn the furnace on either. Too hot for me. My hips ache and I feel like a fricking cow ready to burst. I just want this over with. Oh did I mention my back was killing me too? Ha ha! B___h, b___h, b___h! But I know where you're coming from!!!!! I had BH contractions last night with the cramps and boy did that suck, although the BH didn't hurt, just the low cramps did. Fun Fun!


JB - October 10

Hey everyone. I see we are all STILL here. I feel ya'lls pain. Getting in and out of the car is a complete pain in the a__s. We have a suburban and with my belly I barely fit behind the wheel. Thank God for the "oh sh!#" bars otherwise I don't think I could pull myself in. It's starting to get warm again here too. Why can't the friggin cold front's just stay around? I tried to tell my husband about checking my cervix and he gave me one of those "what the hell" looks. I go back to the devil woman tomorrow to see what she says. I've tried the castor oil, but you know what, it didn't work. I didn't even get diarrea from it. I guess after all of the Mexican food I like to eat, I've got a stomach of steel. haha. That was an experience in itself. The waitress gave us a booth, and I practically got stuck in the booth. I now realize I have to stick to tables. Just thought I'd give ya'll a laugh at my expense. It seems that's all us ladies can do right now.... other than WAIT.


Andrea - October 10

Hey girls......I am still hanging around here too. Sorry to hear how bad all of you feel. Today is actually much better for me than the weekend was. On Friday I went to a wedding rehearsal and dinner about an hour and a half away from my house. My daughter was the flower girl so I just had to go. Anyway the silly thing took forever and we left for home around 11:00 that night. Oh and I must mention that my dh was not with was just me(39 weeks preggers) and my four year old. Well we had just got on the interstate when my headlights stopped working. So I took the next exit to see what was going on. My headlights worked fine on high beam so I thought I would drive home like that.....I know not the smartest idea :o) I pulled out at a red light to get back on the interstate when bam my expedition just died. My four year old flipped out and I did not know what to do. I had some idiot behind me honking and flashing his lights and obviously cusing me. I was not in a very safe neighborhood either. I tried to call the dh but he was in bed and completly out of it. Well this car pulls up next to me and a man sticks his head out and offers to help but I was a little freaked out about the whole thing. So long story short the guy pushed my truck out of the road, I finally woke my husband up and made it home at about 2:30am. It was the night from hell. I swear I am not going anywhere until I go into labor!!! 11 more days seems like eternity :o)


Barb - October 10

GEEZZZ....does this day stink for everyone or WHAT???!!! Andrea, you're brave...I wouldn't go that far alone at this stage in my pregnancy... and to get stuck like that..holy cow! I'm glad you're home safe and sound now. I would have never let my hubby hear the end of I'm anxious to hear how everyones doc. appt. goes tomorrow :) Heidi...I'm sure you MUST be dialating by now...especially if your getting contractions like's wierd, but when I get them I can feel it "getting loose" down there, sounds wierd, but I don't know how else to explain it. I have to wait until Friday to see the doc. again...just hope I go before that....well, one more day is almost over, that's good! I spent the day finishing up the baby's room (who will be sharing a room with my13 yr.old daughter) FINALLY...things are looking like they are in order :) now I'm done with my big projects...hmmm...guess I could go through my bag again that's goin' to the hosp....haha...


Amy - October 10

Hi Ladies. I just laid my little 4 day old bundle of joy down, so that I could get a moment to share my birth story with all of you, so here goes. On Thursday I went to my regularly scheduled doctors appointment. She told me that I was 4 cm dilated and that she thought I was in the early stages of labor. She told me to go to the local mall and make some laps so that I could get my contractions closer together. She was just going to admit me but she wanted me to get a bite to eat since when I was admitted they couldn't feed me until I delivered my baby and it was only 10 am. My husband and I just decided to go home and get a bite to eat and walk around getting last minute things done. So we came home and I did the dishes and packed my bags and spent some time with my 3 year old. We walked down to WIC and did that. Then my contractions were about 3 minutes apart. We decided that it was time to hit the hospital. We got to the hospital at 3:30pm. They sent us up to the labor and delivery floor. They hooked me up to all the monitors and started my IV. My OB came in and ruptured my membranes. Then I got an epidural. They started me on pitocin because my contractions weren't very strong. Then at about 7pm the nurse came in and checked me and I was only 5 cm dilated. They said I probably wouldn't deliver until about midnight. The nurse decided to drain my bladder ( I strongly suggest letting them do this). She checked me again and said I was at 7cm. Then my doctor came in and said I was ready to push. I had gone from 5 to completely dilated in about 10 minutes. She had me push and in 4 minutes I delivered my baby. It was an awesome feeling to be done. 2 days later we brought 6lbs 9 3/4 oz of heaven home with us. She is a beautiful little girl we named Halle Lucille. She is a joy to have around, she fits into our family perfectly. We were only up one time last night for a feeding at 4 am. She is doing great. I can't wait to hear all of your stories as well. Thank you for all of your support and care during my pregnancy. Big hugs to all of you. If you have any questions just ask me. I'm here to help. Good luck ladies.


Barb - October 10

Amy...that's great :) sounds like everything went smoothly for you...and how nice it must be to be done and just enjoying your baby girl! Thanks for sharing....God bless your family :)


Tonia - October 10

Oh my god how this thread fills up so quickly. We all have a lot to say. This has became so addictive to me. I'm constantly checking to see who posted something new. Actually if it wasn't for this website i don't know what i would be doing,probably going crazy. B/C were i live I'm the only pregnant woman i know. And no one to talk to and share my experiences with. It's better when you can talk to someone who's going through the samething. I'm just ready to into labor, my sisters call me everyday, all day. Amy I am sooo happy for you, it's all over and you're at home enjoying your baby can't wait until I can do that. Well Congratulations again and keep in touch.


valerie - October 10

K so I just got back from the hospital cause I lost my mucas plug and I thought I was leaking amnio fluid. Turns out it was just the plug but I am now 1 cm diallated!!! Not much longer now oh and they sent me home till my contractions were more regular!!!


Tonia - October 10

Well good luck Valerie I hope something happen for you. I've lost my Plug 4 days ago and still nothing yet. I mean I got all excited and I'm still waiting. I haven't been having contractions or anything. I'm like what's going on here can something start. When is your dd. I have 5 more days to go and I hope I don't go over. Good luck again keep us posted maybe this will be it for you.


to valerie - October 11

good luck :-) Hope you have had your baby by the time you read this!


Ranya to JB - October 11

My last appointment was utterly useless, I didn't learn anything new, just that the head is 4/5th down and in order for it to be engaged it should be 2/5ths...or something like that. My blood pressure is great, nothing in my urine, the baby's heartbeat is strong and the doc is completely relaxed and doesn't seem to understand why I'm so anxious...Needless to say I felt very annoyed. The good thing is that the iron I'm taking is starting to have an effect so that my hemoglobin levels went up from 9.2-10.5, yay! My belly measured 37 cm, so I guess it's size is good...he didn't particularly say anything about the baby's size or weight, did your doc say something? Anybody else getting even more irritable these last few weeks (didn't think that it would even be possible!)?


Ranya - October 11

Amy, your birth story is so inspiring, I wish we all go as smoothly :)



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