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lisa - October 17

sorry everyone hope you dont mind me starting a new thread but i cant reply only post messages and i had some news. Im due saturday but last night i went for a walk and started having real strong bh but no pain but it started properly at around 10.50 and they kept coming every 2 mins, my stomache would go rock hard really hurt like cramp and they got stronger and longer over 2 hours.I called my midwife and she came to meet me at the birth centre at 2 in morning as the contractions were stil comming every 2 mins with hardly a break, they werent tooo painfull but i had to breath through them, she checked me and said i was only 1 cm, to go home and rest, we had to walk like half mile home, couldnt get taxi back!(sun night) all the way home the contractions got stronger and stronger and it was hard to walk. but i got home and managed to lie down with the contractions, i fell asleap and when i woke up just mild bh.....aghhhh we so thought that was it. I saw a really nice midwife this morning who said its all good as its slowly getting my body and baby ready, but now i just want it over. i hope you are all well and the moon brings out our babies tonight. i cant wait another 2 half weeks till induction. ill go mad, ive tried every method to help things along exept s_x (a definate no no) even castor oil but that doesnt even help with my constipation never mind give me runs.


Tonia - October 17

OMG Lisa I thought that I was having hard time. You had to be p__sed off going through all that pain for 2 hrs and then get to your midwife and she tell you that you've only dilated 2 cm. As for me I'm 1 day overdue today and I'm dilated to 3cm and have been having braxton hicks contractions and they seem to not want to come stronger at all. Girl I can just scream. My DR. told me that she'll induce me on the 25th if nothing happens in between time. I can't take it anymore either. I'm about to go crazy. I've walked myself to death, my legs are aching and I'm scared to try the castor oil thing even though I'm tempted to. But I'm just scared to. Well I hope something happens for you. Good luck.


Tigerphoenix - October 17

You know what? I just had a thought and it may work. I know alot of people who try to get pregnant and get all stressed over it won't untill they relax and just let things flow. Trust me I know its hard but maybe everyone of us is just stressing about want the little ones to show up a little to much. If you've tried everything else, trying just to relax and maybe even meditate or something on it might work. Honestly I haven't tried to do any of the inducers like alot of you have. I guess I'm a little scared too. But like I said. Maybe just maybe a little relaxation after all the trying just might do the trick ; )


Jl - October 17

That sucks Lisa! I think you are right Tigerphoenix, relaxing always helps everything. Wish I could. I switched my dr. appt. from Wed. morning to tomorrow morning and I'm going to ask to be induced on Wed. My hubby has to be out of town next week and my dd is Wed., so I'm hoping she will do it. I really don't think she'd want me to give birth without my husband and she does not want me to go over 41 weeks. I will let you all know tomorrow. I hope the moon changes help us all out tonight...


Shannon - October 17

6 days til my dd! i had some very short lived, but painful contractions last night again. they always seem to hurt the most when i'm walking around my apartment around midnight. i'm thinking this is promising. i had an appt today, and i'm hoping it was my last. my doctor was in a bit of a hurry because one of his other patients went into labor, but he checked my cervix (for the first time ever!) and said i was 1 cm dialated. i was a tiny bummed it wasn't more, but pretty happy i was dialated at all, too. oh, and i found out that my hospital doesn't induce women unless they're 2 weeks over their dd! 2 weeks!!! what a crock!!! now that i'm on maternity leave all i have to do is wait around for it to happen. my mom and grandma are starting to drive me nuts, calling me all the time and worrying about me. anyone have the relatives bugging the c___p out of you too?


MELISSA K - October 17



Tonia - October 17

Shannon girl you are crazy you had me laughing at you about how excited you was to find out that you were 1cm. I feel you though any news of dilation is good huh. I have that family calling all day blues to. Sometimes I feel good about it b/c everybody is focused on Tonia. But my little sister she get carried away with it. She'll start at about 8:00 am and work her way up until it's dark calling checking to see if I'm in labor. OMG it drives me crazy. But I know that everybody is just concerned and excited and ready to meet my baby right now he's pretty popular. If they can't get intouch with me they will ring my mothers cell b/c she has been staying here with me. Well I hope someone post that it's time for them to go. Good luck ladies.


Mary - October 17

Yesterday I also went for a walk (about 2 miles) with hubby and had the same symptoms! Strong cramps and contractions, I was sooo sure it was time. However, when I sit back on the car they stopped. My belly aches a lot and I am having many BH but no labor yet. I hear you on the disapointment part. I am 12 days away from my dd.


Shannon - October 18

whoops, just posted in the other oct moms countdown, not sure which one do post in....



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